Stand-Alone & Smart Finishing Solutions

Performance & Speed Win the Race

Standard Horizon's complete line-up of Horizon and Hunkeler feeding and finishing solutions are designed to efficiently navigate the unique requirements of shorter, variable production runs - guaranteed to provide a smooth workflow in the bindery and a competitive edge for your business! Here are a few of Standard Horizon's finishing systems - learn more below.

The Perfect Finish Depends on a Winning Team

Shorter runs, faster turnarounds...your profitability depends on them. And that's where Standard Horizon's finishing systems excel.

Horizon BQ-480 Perfect Binder

NEW BQ-480 Perfect Binder

Standard Horizon BQ-480 Perfect Binder
Horizon AFV-56 Series Folder + TV-56

NEW AFV-56 Series Folder - T4+TV566+HT-1000V

Horizon AFV-56 Series Folder + TV-56
Horizon StitchLiner Mark III

NEW StitchLiner Mark III

Horizon StitchLiner Mark III Saddlestitcher
Horizon SPF-200L Landscape Bookletmaker

SPF-200 Landscape Bookletmaker

Standard Horizon SPF-200L Landscape Bookletmaker
Horizon RD-4055 Rotary Die Cutter

RD-4055DMC Die Cutter

Standard Horizon RD-4055DMC Rotary Die Cutter
Horizon SmartSlitter SMSL-100

SMSL-100 SmartSlitter Sheet Cutter & Creaser

Standard Horizon SMSL-100 SmartSlitter

Standard Horizon's stand-alone product line up also included the BQ-270V perfect binder, HT-30C three-side trimmer, AFC-746F folder, AFC-566FG folder, SPF-200L landscape bookletmaker + HOF-400 high speed sheet feeder, SmartStacker, SmartSlitter, RD-4055DMC rotary die cutter, CRF-362 creaser/folder, APC-610 paper cutter and pXnet bindery managmenet system.

"Smart" Finishing Solutions...

Keeping pace with the shorter runs of digital print requires smarter finishing solutions. Standard offers a range of Horizon and Hunkeler integrated solutions to convert printed rolls or cut-sheets into finished product with fewer manual touch points. And, a built-in integrity checking and inspection support full variability at speeds of 500 plus feet per minute.

Roll-to-Stack Solution

Horizon's Roll-to-Sheet/Stack solution delivers up to 1,650 straight and fully separated book blocks per hour, for easy transfer to near-line finishing.

Roll-to-Fold Solution

The Horizon AF-566F Digital in-line signature folder is integrated in-line with the Hunkeler UW6 unwinder at speeds up to 600 ft/min.


Standard's StitchLiner 6,000 Digital integrated with Standard's Hunkeler's UW6 unwinder and CS6 rotary cutter for productions of up to 6,000 books/hour.

Standard Horizon's smart finishing solutions also include WI8 web inspection system and VIVA inspection systems. For additional information on Standard Horizon's Smart Finishing Solutions, please contact us at 810.238.7370.