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Red Wiggle Cutting Stick 23.5" [12 Pack]

Red Wiggle Cutting Stick 23.5" [12 Pack]

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Cutting Sticks are a special product for hydraulic paper cutters. Cutters operators use Wiggle sticks as a base for the cutting knife to press against. Ideally the cutting blade will just barely cut into the cutting stick.

Red Wiggle Cutting Sticks

Cutting stick for paper cutters. The wiggle pattern helps it stay in the cutting stick channel. Cutting Sticks are used in almost all paper cutting machines. The stick provides a surface for the blade to cut against and wears over time. An operator should replace their cutter sticks on a regular schedule to keep the machine running smoothly.

The wiggle sticks are great for situations where cutting sticks are not staying in place in the channel. The red wiggle cutting stick pattern adds extra friction on the sides to help hold them in place. The operator can flip the stick over and used on both sides.

  • Wiggle Pattern to stay locked in channel
  • Top and Bottom Usable Surface
  • 3/16" x  3/8"
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