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General Pressroom Cleaner (1 qt)

General Pressroom Cleaner (1 qt)

This Product is Discontinued

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General Pressroom Cleaner


This stuff is seriously awesome. The main reason we carry this product at MSL is because we use it all the time. We move a lot of equipment and greasy grimy hands can leave smudges and whatever on machines we want looking clean. It's amazing at cleaning just about any kind of mess you squirt it on. It's an all-purpose cleaner formulated specifically for the printing industry. General Pressroom Cleaner dissolves ink on contact and is ideal for cleaning and degreasing most hard surfaces including: vinyl, rubber, metal, porcelain, fiberglass and plastic in the pre-press, pressroom and bindery departments.

Use on: Pressroom Equipment Photopolymer and Rubber Plates Ink Trays and Dispensing Systems Floors and Walls Vinyl Rubber Plastic Painted Metal

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