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Standard Horizon

Horizon HT-1000V Variable Three-Knife Trimmer

Horizon HT-1000V Variable Three-Knife Trimmer

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Horizon HT-1000V Variable Three-Knife Trimmer


The Standard Horizon HT-1000V Three-Knife Trimmer allows for true on demand book production of variable sizes. It can operate in-line with Horizon perfect binders or off-line, handling a wide range of input and output sizes for fully customizable production. Automatic setup and trimming are achieved by scanning a barcode on each book's cover sheet, eliminating the need for operator input. The heavy duty construction ensures consistent, high quality finishing and can run 24/7 without jamming. The trimmer also offers the ability to trim stacked books of the same size for increased productivity. Setup for same size production is done via the touchscreen, with no reduction in speed. One-to-one book production with variable sizes can be achieved by scanning a barcode at the entrance of the trimmer. The system can be placed in-line with perfect binders for efficient book production.


Horizon HT-1000V Book Trimmer Features

  • Variable Book Production
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • High Productivity
  • Delivery Conveyor
  • Barcode Reader
  • Top & Bottom Trim Section
  • Fore-Edge Trim Section
  • Infeed Section from Perfect Binder
  • Control Panel

Horizon HT-1000V Book Trimmer Specifications

Untrimmed Book Size Max. 350 x 320 mm (13.77" x 12.59")
Min. 148 x 105 mm (5.83" x 4.14")
Trimmed Book Size Max. 340 x 297 mm (13.38" x 11.69")
Min. 145 x 103 mm (5.71" x 4.06")
Trimming Width Top-Bottom Max. 60 mm (2.36")
Fore-Edge Max. 110 mm (4.33")
Trim Thickness 1 to 65 mm (0.04" to 2.55")
Clamp Pressure Servo Motor
4 kN to 8kN
Production Speed 400 to 1,000 cycles / hr
Voltage / Frequency 3-Phase 200 to 220 V. 50 / 60 Hz
3-Phase 380, 400, 415 V. 50 Hz (Step down to 200 V by Transformer)
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