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Morgana DigiCreaser - Advanced Creasing Solution

Morgana DigiCreaser - Advanced Creasing Solution

This Product is Discontinued

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This model has been discontinued. Check out the Morgana AutoCreaser Pro XW

Morgana DigiCreaser Product Details

Fills the gap between our manual machines and fully automatic machines like the bestselling AutoCreaser Pro range.

Creasing versus Scoring

Traditional rotary scoring machines use circular blades that are in constant motion as the stock passes through them. This creates a ploughing action that actually cuts through the top fibres of the paper or card in order to create a score. Inevitably this weakens the paper and encourages cracking.

In contrast, the Morgana DigiCreaser employs a unique creasing rule and matrix as illustrated overleaf, that eliminates tearing and, therefore, cracking.

Key Product Features

• Fast & easy to setup
• Fully automatic after feeding
• Bench top with small footprint
• Takes stock up to 0.4mm / 0.015″ (approx 400gsm / 150lb cover)*
• Rule and matrix guaranteed for life
• 4000 sheets per hour
• Memory for storing repeat jobs
• Adjustable crease depth & square
• Perforating as standard
• Crease without cracking


Maximum Sheet Size 24.8" x 12.9"
Minimum Sheet Size 5.5" x 6.2"
Max. Paper Thickness (Including Laminated Material)

0.015" (approx. 150lb cover)

Min. Paper Thickness 0.004" (approx. 20lb bond)*
Max. Number of Creasers / Sheet 9
Max. Number of Programmed Applications 6
Min. Repeat Crease Distance 0.03" (depending on paper weight)
Min. Crease Distance from Lead Edge 0.98"
Min. Crease Distance from Tail Edge 0.78"
Speed per Hour (A4),(Depends on Operator) 4,000 Sheets/Hour
Dimensions L 34.2" x W 22.4" H 23.2" (42" on optional base)
Weight 125.6" lb (174 lb on optional base)
Electrical 240V 50/60hz
  • Narrow Creasing Blade
  • Floor Standing Base


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