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Rosback Blue Narrow Scoring Disk

Rosback Blue Narrow Scoring Disk

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TrueScore Pro Compatibility

Rosback Blue Narrow Scoring Wheel for TrueScore Pro

Item Code Variants:

  • Rosback: 220-416
  • 25mm Shaft: TS25-026
  • 30mm Shaft: TS30-026
  • 35mm Shaft: TS35-026
  • 1-1/8 Inch Shaft: TS1125-026

This is a replacement narrow blue scoring wheel for the Rosback TrueScore Pro product line. The blue is a narrow scoring disk and will create the most narrow scoring channel. This is ideal for lighter stocks.

Scoring reduces or eliminates toner cracking on digitally printed toner when folded. This cracking can make an end product look terrible so scoring before folding makes all the difference.

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