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Rosback TrueScore-Pro Quad Kit (2 x 2)

Rosback TrueScore-Pro Quad Kit (2 x 2)

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Rosback Truescore-Pro Quad Kit for Creasing on Paper Folders

Verify compatibility and order only after measuring the accessory shafts.

Quad kits of the TrueScore Pro are ideal for book production. The quad arrangement of scoring wheels is perfect for creating four lines of score per pass, producing hinged covers for glued books that will not crack. Book producers know the pain of having covers crack during the nipping process. Scoring the covers is a great solution.

This universal scoring kit is patented technology from Rosback. It is designed to score digitally printed materials and eliminate toner cracking. Add the Rosback Truescore Pro Kit to a wide variety of paper folders. This kit is designed to be universal enough to fit on many industry standard console paper folders. Not all folders are compatible so please carefully review technical documentation before ordering this item. 

The process works by having a male rotary element and a female rotary element that work together. These two rotary elements work by  trapping the paper between them and gradually inducing a score as the paper is drawn through. The compression of the disk stretches the surface and removes the surface tension. The tolerances are very important and the material selection is critical. This process is patented by Rosback.

Diagram showing 4 scores
Photo of quad TrueScore installed



U.S. Patent 10,464,277

Rosback Patent

These score rollers provide a channel score to prevent cracking when the paper is folded. Toner cracking on the outside of a fold can make a quality product look terrible and it will negatively effect the reader's overall opinion. Preventing cracking can help production maintain a high quality product that leaves customers satisfied and able to focus on the content of what they're reading instead of that nasty cracking toner!

This kit is easily installed as an aftermarket add-on in most console folders. Folders in this category usually have an accessory roller section that is specifically there for this purpose. There are other accessories that can be mounted here but this product is a scoring kit for preventing cracking.

Kit Includes 1 pair.

Item Number 220-A203

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