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Spinks Blue Crystal Hand Cleaner [2 Quarts]

Spinks Blue Crystal Hand Cleaner [2 Quarts]

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Blue Crystal Hand Cleaner is a top-performing hand cleaner in the print manufacturing industry. It's an excellent industrial hand soap, especially effective for printers who often struggle with stubborn ink stains.

This soap comes in a 2 quart tub or a case of 6 tubs. Blue Crystal is an exceptional hand cleaner for dirty environments because of the micro grit texture that helps to lift up difficult oil, grease, and grime. 

It is a fan favorite in the printing industry which is well known for leaving people with dirty hands. No one wants to go home to their family with dark ink in the cuticles on their nails. It's a pleasure to be able to wrap up a hard day's work and come home clean.

Blue Crystal: An Exceptional Hand Cleaner

Not all hand cleaners are created equal. Blue Crystal stands out with its ability to remove stubborn substances like ink, tar, grease, and grime while keeping your hands soft and moisturized. Plus, it's a moist powder, not a wet goo, making it easy and comfortable to use.

The texture in the hand cleaner allows you to focus your scrubbing on a target area without being rough on the rest of your sensitive skin. This texture also makes the soap more effective without relying on strong chemical detergents to break up oils and the strong odorizers required to make those strong soaps usable.

Why Choose Blue Crystal Over Other Hand Soaps?

Unlike other hand soaps such as Gojo Soap, Blue Crystal is mild and gentle on the skin. It's designed to be a hand wash that's both effective and gentle, ensuring that even after multiple washes a day, your hands stay soft and moisturized. It also contains fewer chemicals and has a pleasant smell, enhancing your handwashing experience.

Soaps are best measured by trying them. There's no good way to describe the sensation of using Blue Crystal on your hands. It feels like a massage and there is no strong chemical detergents that can dry out skin.

The Best Handwash for Printers

Printers who handle ink may need to wash their hands multiple times a day, making it crucial to use a hand cleaner that is effective yet gentle on the skin. Strong soaps can quickly dry out sensitive skin with prolonged and repeated use, but Blue Crystal takes advantage of its crystal structure to act as a gentle abrasive for grime. This approach is much easier on the skin, and users rave about its effectiveness in removing stubborn substances while leaving their hands soft and moisturized.

Blue Crystal Features

  • Order in Lots of 6 for Best Shipping
  • 6 Tubs per case
  • 2 Quart Tub Resealable Lid
  • Sold individually
  • Crystal Texture Helps Remove Tar, Grease, and Ink
  • Gentle on Hands
  • Chemically Mild and Environmentally Friendly

As with all soaps exercise caution when it comes to exposure with the eyes, nose, ears and mouth. Although this product is intended to make contact with your body it should always be washed away completely. Please note that excessive exposure can cause some dryness of the skin or eye irritation.

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