Collection: Paper Joggers

Jogging Machines

Shake things up! Jogging is the use of vibration, agitation, and/or air flow to settle jostled paper into a nice neat stack. This is very important for any job that needs to pass through multiple feeders. Sometimes at the exit of a machine the sheets aren't exactly stacked perfectly so when that stack is loaded into the next machine, problems arise. Jogging takes care of this issue by jiggling the sheets and using gravity to force them in a nice square pile.

Jogging can also be critical when static is a problem. Static electricity can build up and cause all kinds of problems when feeding. Some joggers have air blowers that blast deionized air across the pile to help to pull away any residual charge. Jogging paper can be laborious and time consuming for operators. With a small investment in a jogger you can help to increase productivity and overall quality within your operation.