Service & Support

About our Support Structure

Let's face it, the scariest part of production is when a machine fails during crunch time. It's those moments when a whole project is in limbo that makes business owners lay awake at night. Growing up as a part of the technical staff here at MSL, I've seen the same situation a thousand times. As fate would have it, the equipment always fails when you need it the most. This is less a philosophical phenomena and more a symptom of overloading a machine with work. This is exactly the time when panic sets in and suddenly we have an emergency on our hands.

Here at MSL we live for those opportunities to show our expertise and lend a helping hand to our partners. Our efforts in supporting our industry focus on mitigating problems before they fester into large scale failures. Preventative maintenance schedules and good awareness of internal conditions help to squash problems when they're small and inexpensive.

We have instituted a complete system for accepting service requests and handling them as they pass through our company. This simple system ensures that every inquiry we get, no matter how small, gets the attention it deserves and is handled completely all the way through to satisfaction of our customers. We maintain a complete service staff with multiple technicians who all have complimentary skills and a combined 60 years of experience as technicians in the graphic arts industry. All of our technicians are factory trained and completely insured. We strive to maintain integrity within our service department and fix things right the first time.

Preventative maintenance is a funny animal, it's a constant balance between up time, reliability, cost of operation and a small dose of predicting the future. Many manufacturers provide estimated maintenance schedules or part lifespans. These can be a healthy tool for long term planning but in my experience the specific workload, schedule and operational tendencies are the real predictors. This is where the hands-on efforts of a qualified technician make the difference. There's no substitute for experience and a small dose of wisdom.

Support Agreements

Our support agreements are handled annually, renewals are always optional and the details of each agreement can vary. No two customers are the same and we aim to be as flexible as possible so that our end users are getting great support for a price they are happy with. Contact our Sales Department for additional information at 1-800-343-4231.