Binding Supplies

We carry binding supplies for every binding style including plastic coil, plastic comb, double loop wire,PUR binding adhesive, EVA binding adhesive, staples, stitching wire, and more! Check out our binding supplies below.

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What's Your Binding Method?

We have binding options available for all of your needs. Select your binding method.

Book Binding Glue EVA and PUR

Binding Glue

Binding adhesives or binding glues are available in chips or slugs. If you don't see it online, please contact us.

Plastic Comb Binding

Plastic Comb Binding

This classic binding solution allows for the addition or removal of pages even after the document is bound.

Plastic Coil or Spiral Binding

Plastic Coil Binding

Spiral or Plastic Coil Binding is quickly becoming the most popular option and available in different sizes and colors.

Twin Loop Wire Binding - DuoWire

Twin Loop Wire / DuoWire

Wire Binding is the most prestigious and secure binding system. Ideal for binding a vast range of articles.

Stitching Wire High-Quality

Stitching Wire

This wire is intended for use in booklet making and stitching machines. High-quality and great for high-speed runs.

Fastback Binding Strips

Fastbind Strips

Fastback binding is tough, durable and attractive. Thermoplastic adhesives will not become brittle with age, so it's perfect for archival storage.

We carry binding supplies from these Manufacturers

We carry high-quality binding supplies from the following manufacturers.


Fastback Binding Strips & Equipment



Southwest Binding