Collection: Collating

Paper Collating Towers

Collating systems are designed with a very specific purpose. An operator will load uncollated stacks into bins and the machine will pull a single sheet from each bin to create a single collated set. The collating systems can be linked together to handle large sets of product. There are different market segments of collators with different numbers of bins and different styles of feeding within each bin.

For collating smooth or glossy stocks it is important to get machine that uses air and vacuum to feed sheets instead of a friction wheel. Friction feeding machines are less expensive but tend to perform poorly with smooth glossy paper. Collating systems are often linked up directly a saddlestitcher or a bookletmaker. They can also be connected to a stacker for a standalone collating system. Talk to a sales person to get the best possible configuration because there are sometimes options avialable that are not obvious from the start. We have systems that can feed one direction into a bookletmaker and also reverse feed out into a stacker on the other end.