Collection: Laminating Film

Browse our collection of premier choice laminating film. Boasting a smooth, matte finish, our laminate film enhances your documents with a subtle satin appearance. Uniquely crafted, our Super-Lam films are ideal for adhering to challenging toner-based digital prints that are often utilized in On-Demand Digital Printing. This process employs toner-based print engines filled with fuser oils and glycol, which make it problematic for traditional co-polymer films to stick.

These laminates have an adhesive layer that is a specialized solution, explicitly designed to bond effectively with these difficult toner surfaces. When considering roll laminating film, make the superior choice with high quality Laminating Film Rolls.

High adaptability is an important feature of our rolls of film. They can be used with any printed sheet, be it a difficult toner surface or standard offset printing. The typical operating temperatures range from 210 to 270 degrees Fahrenheit, with the most commonly used setting around 240 degrees F.