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Bookletmakers and Saddlestitchers

The most simple book is a set of folded sheets nested together with a staple or a stitch holding them together. These books are the lowest cost book and work great for disposable purposes like one time event catalogs or seasonal reports. Saddlestitched books are also able to be made very fast with the right equipment. A properly made saddlestitched book can be of a very high quality and there are some tricks to getting the most out of your machines. Technically speaking a saddlestiched book is folded across a saddle and stitched with a roller of wire. However this category has grown to include models of machines that do not use a saddle and do stapling instead of stitching. However the end result product is the same.

SquareFold is somewhat new process that creates a box shaped fold appearance. This replicates the look of a perfect bound book with very little additional cost. Not all manufacturers offer a square binding solution but not all applications or customers require it. The process adds value to the look of the end product but it also does take additional time during production to complete the flattening phase.

It is less expensive to buy rolls of stitcher wire instead of cassettes of preformed staples. Machines capable of using stitcher wire need to have heavy duty stitcher heads inside that have powerful clinchers for forming the stitch. Staple cassette machines are less expensive to manufacture and purchase but they lock the operator into a supply stream of preformed staples. Next the power of the folding section is the most critical factor. More robust folding sections can fold a thicker book meaning more pages of content.