Collection: Guillotine Paper Cutters

Heavy Duty Paper Cutters are incredible machines. There's nothing like feeling the power of an inlaid-steel blade plowing through a thick lift of stock. Paper cutting machines fall into a few basic categories relating to their drive system. Within those categories the width of the blade is the largest factor. The major categories of paper cutter are hydraulic, guillotine, electric drive, and manual drive.

  • Flywheel Guillotine Paper Cutters
  • Hydraulic Guillotine Paper Cutters
  • Electric Guillotine Paper Cutters

Hydraulic or guillotine cutters are very heavy duty. They are used in production environments where deadlines are tight and throughput is everything. This category of cutter is rather broad and there is a lot of variety. Make sure you do some research before you commit to a specific paper cutting machine.

A common rule of thumb relating to cut width is that you want to be able to spin your largest sheet size under the blade. For example if your max sheet size was 12 x 18 inches, with a corner to corner measurement of 21.6, would mean your cut width should be larger than 22. This rule helps to ease operator workload and ensure that you're within the load rating of the cutter. Heavy Duty Paper Cutters are perfect for this task.

Electric paper cutters are generally mid-range and are expected to be used every day or several times a week. They are quite fast to operate but cannot handle thick lifts and their cut width generally maxes out around 23 inches.