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Welcome to Mid-State Litho, your reliable partner for comprehensive printing industry support. As specialists in the field, we offer an extensive selection of machinery ranging from paper folders and guillotine cutters to bookletmakers, perfect binders, paper creasers, and more. Our well-rounded inventory serves to empower your printing operations, enhancing efficiency and product quality.

In our capacity as print and print-finishing experts, we relish taking on complex challenges. Our product offerings are designed to cater to a wide array of applications. This includes solutions for lower-volume operations like office environments that require routine handling of invoices or similar tasks. Our collection features an assortment of compact machines, accommodating a spectrum of budgetary needs.

Horizon StitchLiner Mark IV Saddlestitch Bookletmaking Machine

Horizon Mark IV Stitched Books

This refined model has massive improvements in production speed when running special applications that would formerly require slowing down.

Mark IV
AFV-56K iCE Paper Folder

Horizon AFV iCE Paper Folder

This folder will blow your mind. Jump to the video to see for yourself. The automated set up procedure, touch screen fine-tune adjustments, and the operator convenience features on this machine are like nothing you've ever seen.

AFV iCE Paper FOlder

40 Years in Business

Our company is commemorating its 40th year in business, underlining our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our valued customers. Our distinctive strength lies in the robust technical support and dedicated after-sales service that we provide. We believe that in the high-stakes world of production, reliability is paramount. To meet tight deadlines and demanding applications, you need dependable equipment that is supported by unparalleled service.

Here at Mid-State Litho, we are committed to supplying you with top-tier production equipment and services, each backed by our decades-long tenure in the print industry. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve as your trusted partner in all matters related to print, paper folding, and booklet making. Thank you for choosing Mid-State Litho.

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Let's figure out your project. Whether it's something completely new or expanding a production line you already have; we're here to help. Contact our sales team for some consultation or browse all of our products to help brainstorm some new idea.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is perfect binding?

Perfect binding is a method of manufacturing books using hot glue. Sometimes called thermal binding, it has a few steps. First is spine preparation with a milling or notching blade. Then the glue is applied and a book cover is pressed on with a tremendous amount of pressure. This process is called nipping.

What size paper cutter should I get?

The width of the cutter is the maximum cut you can make. So if you only ever need to cut 18" sheets then you could get away with a 18" cutter. However, the general guideline is that you want to be able to spin your largest sheet under the knife. So for a 12x18 sheet the calculated diagonal gives us the the minimum cutter width of 21.6."

What kind of paper folder should I get?

This is a great starting point! The first consideration would be if you can use a tabletop folder. Tabletop folders work great for most office environments. They almost always have 2 fold plates so you can do letter folds and C or Z folds. Next consider your paper type. If you fold glossy or coated paper you should get a folder with an air feeder. If you are folding for profit you should consider a larger air folder with a pump.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! Mitsubishi HC Capital is our primary leasing partner. We can offer short or long term financing based on your needs. Financing is subject to credit approval but our team is excellent. If you are considering financing your purchase you can visit our financing page or contact us directly.

Martin Yale Desktop Paper Folders

Browse the great collection of paper folders, paper creasers, joggers, and more from one of our favorite manufacturers, Martin Yale. Their products are made here in the USA in Wabash, Indiana.