Collection: Used Equipment

Used and Reconditioned Equipment

Used machines are a great way to save or get started in a new market. There's nothing like the performance and reliability of buying new but sometimes it is more important to get started quickly. Browse through our used equipment on this page, we do our best to keep this list up to date. We will be clear with our buyers about the condition of equipment. Read each listing for information about the status of each machine.

Used Machines We List 

  • Used Guillotine Paper Cutters
  • Used Paper Folders
  • Used Thermal Binders
  • Used Booklet makers
  • and more!

These pieces come and go on a regular basis so don't hesitate to jump on an opportunity. Our sales department is ready to help if you have any questions about the quality, condition or cost of any products. Be wary of older used equipment because often times there are supply issues with parts. As vendors change their components and manufacturers retool for new models, there can commonly be certain parts that are simply not available.