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Programmable Finishing Equipment

Business Card Cutters and Programmable Finishers

Whether you are doing business cards, post cards, brochures, flyers or inserts; a programmable finisher will make your digital print department way more productive. These all-in-one finishing systems will take your digital production to the highest level. These machines will perform multiple functions in one pass. They will cut all 4 sides of trim and can include creasing, scoring, or perforating.

For short production digital jobs it can be much faster to process a short stack through a programmable finishing machine. Cutting business cards on a guillotine paper cutter can take as many as 40 cut cycles which is a huge waste of time when the stack is only 10 sheets high. Programmable finishers are great for this, just load that short stack in and select your pattern, then before you know it fully stacked business cards will come out the back end trimmed on all four sides.