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Count PerfMaster Sprint High-Speed Perf & Score Machine

Count PerfMaster Sprint High-Speed Perf & Score Machine

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Count PerfMaster Sprint

Introducing the Count PerfMaster Sprint — the epitome of precision and efficiency. Designed for high-speed perforating and scoring, the Sprint offers a streamlined solution that ensures speedy completion of tasks. With a staggering capacity of up to 12,000 sheets (8.5" x 11") every hour, it's a powerhouse in its category. Catering to a variety of paper stocks, the Sprint allows for a hassle-free switch between perforating and scoring. Users can choose from 5 distinct perf wheel options, inclusive of 2 microperf variants. Thanks to its top friction feed, the machine promises consistency and volume in its output.

Highlight Features:

  • Optimal Flexibility: The removable receiving tray and side rails facilitate easy mobility and convenient tabletop usage.
  • Swift Switching: Change modes from perforating to scoring seamlessly in seconds.
  • Generous Feed Width: A broad 17-inch paper feed capacity.
  • Precision Depth Control: Tailor the perf/score depth effortlessly.
  • Adaptable Feeding: Handles single sheets, coated stock, and multi-part forms, either open or with glued edges.
  • Adjustable Stops: The magnetic paper stops on the receiving tray can be modified to fit varied paper sizes.
  • Enhanced Mobility: An optional support stand is available for increased portability.
  • User-friendly Adjustments: The side rails on the feed table can be easily tuned for diverse paper dimensions.
  • Emergency Controls: Features a red stop switch for urgent job terminations.
  • Uncompromised Visibility: A transparent top lid ensures easy monitoring and accessibility.

Technical Details:

Paper Feed Mechanism Friction
Peak Perf/Score Speed 12,000 Sheets/Hour
Compatible Paper Weights 60 - 350 gsm
Largest Sheet Dimensions 24" L x 18" W
Smallest Sheet Dimensions 4" L x 4" W
Max Perf/Score Spots on a Sheet 4
Touchscreen Interface Available
Overall Dimensions 44" L x 32" W x 32" H
Weight 100 lbs
Power Requirements 115 V, 60 Hz, 20 A or 230 V, 50 Hz, 20 A (Verify before purchase)
For the latest updates and details, please reach out to MSL at 810.238.7370.
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