Precision Machining

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Hunkeler Scrap Blade Sharpening

Sharpen Hunkeler Scrap paper blades instead of replacing them. These blades are expensive so sharpening them is a great way to extend their life.

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VAC-1000 Envelope Kit

This kit includes a custom sensor arrangement and special machined floor plate, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to incorporate envelopes into their workflow.

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SPF Bearing Support Kit

The SPF bearing support kit is designed to reinforce a critical wear point on SPF booklet makers. Our custom bearing cradle helps extend the life of your equipment.

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Custom Machining

Sometimes you just need something custom. Please reach out to our sales team to find out if we can help with your project.

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VAC Series Bin Extenders

Bin extenders give you the ability load sheets that are up to 24" (609 mm) in each pocket. Sometimes that extra bit of support is all you need.

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Smart Conveyors

Our smart conveyors have the ability be controlled externally with any kind of signal and perform complex start and stop routines with different timings and delays.

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