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Drylam SAP75GLOSS 3.0 ML Gloss 12.6" x 984' (CASE)

Drylam SAP75GLOSS 3.0 ML Gloss 12.6" x 984' (CASE)

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Introducing the Drylam ALM3222 3.0 ML Gloss 12.6" x 984', available in a case of 2 rolls. The Drylam ASAP line stands out as one of the best laminates in the industry, offering a soft satin finish to your documents.

Product Code: SAP75GLOSS

Drylam's Superiority

Drylam's Super-Lam films are specifically crafted to bond with challenging toner-based digital prints. Modern On-Demand Digital Printing, which relies on toner-based print engines, contains fuser oils and glycol. This combination forms a surface that conventional copolymer films struggle to adhere to. However, Super-Lam, integrated with ASAP adhesive, is designed to bind flawlessly to these intricate toner surfaces.

ASAP, which stands for "Always Sticks, All Prints", ensures this film's adaptability to any printed sheet - be it a complex toner surface or standard offset printing. Notably, running temperatures typically span from 210 – 270 degrees with a common setting around 240 degrees F. While many digital toner laminating films might perform inconsistently across varied digital toner outputs, Super-Lam with ASAP adhesive guarantees consistent performance across ALL digital toner-based prints and conventional offset prints. Its broad running temperature scope allows users to fine-tune the perfect temperature and speed settings, ensuring impeccable adhesion for any digital toner or conventional offset prints. Much like DryLam's Trade-Lam films, SuperLam incorporates higher polyester base film thicknesses, amplifying clarity, rigidity, and the depth of the finished lamination.

Key Features

  • ASAP Film: Ensures it "Always Sticks to All Prints".
  • Superb Clarity: For a clearer, more transparent finish.
  • Outstanding Strength: Durability at its best.
  • Stress and Crack Resistance: Maintains the integrity of the document.
  • Wide Flexibility and Chemical Resistance: Ensuring longevity and adaptability.

Note: This laminate is SAP75GLOSS.

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