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Felins US-2000 LBMMS High Performance Banding

Felins US-2000 LBMMS High Performance Banding

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Felins US-2000 LBM High Performance Banding US-2000 LBMMS Details:

US-2000 LBM-MS-V-RF-P allows entire layers from multiple stacks to be inserted. Select the number of stacks and bandings and slide the stack as a row or multiple stack onto the table. The number of bandings can be selected on the touch screen. Centering, separating, feeding and banding for the label stacks take place fully automatically.

As the cutter operator works through a lift, stacks are loaded against the rear pusher. After a complete lift has been loaded, the rear pusher indexes forward and transfers the stacks to the secondary pusher. The rear pusher moves back to its original position allowing the cutter operator to begin loading the next lift. While the operator begins cutting the next lift, the secondary pusher indexes the stacks to the right side of the table. The first row is then pushed into the banding machine by the servo-linear pusher. After the stacks are banded they are organized on the accumulation table. The banded stacks can now be handled without the difficulty associated with moving unstable product. 


  • Number of bandings can be selected on the touch screen
  • Wide format range
  • High-tension banding (more stable bundle)
  • Continuous feeding of the label stack
  • Parallel feeding and banding
  • Vertical version for narrow products
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