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Heat Seal

HDSA1721 Automatic Shrink Combo System with L-Bar Sealer and Shrink Tunnel

HDSA1721 Automatic Shrink Combo System with L-Bar Sealer and Shrink Tunnel

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HDSA1721 Product Description:

Enhance operational efficiency with the HDSA1721 Automatic Shrink Wrap Packaging System by Heat Seal. This system can wrap up to 30 packages per minute, offering flexibility with 10 product presets for quick changes. The Automatic L-Bar Sealer and shrink tunnel ensure quality packaging, reducing overall packaging costs.

Key Components:

  • IC-1772 Belted Infeed Conveyor:
  • Power and Control from HDSA-1721
  • Variable Speed
  • Low Pressure Belt

HDSA-1721 Automatic L-Sealer:

  • PLC with Color HMI Controls
  • Wraps up to 30 Packages per Minute
  • Optional Closing Conveyor

T-3417 Shrink Tunnel:

  • Adjustable Air Flow
  • Digital Temperature Controls
  • Multiple Conveyor Options

Available Options:

  • Closing Conveyor
  • Indexing Motion Profile with Stop Sensor
  • Center Folder CF-740 (Max Roll Width: 48")
  • FIC-1796-8' Flighted Infeed Conveyor (Variable Speed)
  • FIC-1773-6' Flight Infeed Conveyor (Variable Speed)

Technical Specifications:

Film Capacity 22” Wide (56 cm)
L Bar Sealing Area 17” W, 21” L (45 W, 55 L cm)
Inside Tunnel Dimension 28” L, 21 1/2” W, 8” H (71 L, 55 W, 20 H cm)
Tunnel Conveyor Speed LDR: 0-35/70 Feet per Minute; TMB/SWB/SHB: 0-35 Feet per Min-ute
Overall Dimensions 83” L, 38” W, 57” H (211 L , 97 W, 145 H cm)
Working Height 38” (97 cm)
Power Requirements 220 Volts, 38 Amp, Single Circuit with Ground
Wattage 8,000
Weight 800 lbs. (363 kg)
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