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Horizon AFV-56S iCE Automated Paper Folder

Horizon AFV-56S iCE Automated Paper Folder

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Boost your folding productivity with the ultimate in paper folding automation - the Horizon AFV-56S iCE Automated Paper Folder. It is a truly innovative solution, the AFV-56S is designed to enhance efficiency, streamline workflows, and overcome the challenges associated with traditional paper folders. This new AFV family of folders from Horizon was designed from the ground up to be a fully automated machine. 

High-Level Automation for Increased Productivity

This paper folder was engineered with advanced automation in mind. The AFV-56S features an easy setup and operation process, mitigating the need for skilled operators. High-speed production is easily achievable with belt speeds reaching up to 270 m/min, allowing you to fold jobs more quickly and effectively. With the speed of modern paper folders it is usually the time consuming setup that slows down production. Having a fully automated job setup sequence helps operators jump from job to job all day long.

Horizon AFV-56S Paper Folder Key Product Features:

  • High production speeds up to 270 m/min
  • Operator-friendly with easy setup
  • High level of automation
  • Flexible system configuration
  • iCE LiNK connectivity for offsite job/machine status visibility, productivity analysis, and workflow automation

Icon-Based Touchscreen for Quick and Easy Setup

One of the stand-out features of the Horizon AFV-56S iCE Automated Paper Folder is its icon-based touchscreen. This intuitive feature ensures quick and easy setup without any manual adjustment, allowing any operator to produce consistent, high-quality folds with high productivity and efficiency.

Another amazing operator feature is the remote control. Just like a typical television the AFV-56S has a handheld remote. An operator can control the machine from anywhere nearby. This means they can be working on packaging and pause the machine or they can stop and start while adjusting the feeder. The remote is also magnetic so it conveniently sticks to the metal covers.

Unrivaled Application Flexibility

With flexible machine configurations and a variety of options, the AFV-56S offers an impressive level of application flexibility. There are a wide variety of options for stacking sets, pressing, or making book blocks. Air assist options are available as well as a small format kit. The system is designed to accommodate a wide range of applications, making it a versatile solution for all your paper folding needs.

As operators and schedulers realize the potential of the automation they will find a massive amount of capacity on the schedule. After coming from traditional folders or even some with semi-automated setups the speed of the AFV-56S will surprise everyone. It is like adding hours to the day when an operator can get quickly into each job without the stressful, wasteful, and time-consuming setup.

Status Recognition and Control

The AFV-56S comes equipped with LED lights that indicate the operational status by switching colors, offering a quick system status recognition. When the cover is open, the lights serve as white working lights, enhancing visibility during operation. You can choose the color of the lights directly from the touch panel.

Revolutionizing your Bindery with Horizon's Control System

The Horizon AFV-56S iCE Automated Paper Folder can be enhanced with an automated workflow from upstream to postpress with iCE LiNK, utilizing cloud technology. This next-generation bindery control system by Horizon allows you to fully manage your bindery, optimizing your finishing process with automation and efficient workflow.

Key Automation Features for Increased Productivity

The AFV-56S comes with advanced automation features that bring your operation to the next level:

  • Roller Gap Adjustment: All fold roller gaps are automatically set by inserting a single strip of paper. The gap setting is completed according to the sheet thickness and fold pattern. Fine adjustment of all fold roller gaps is possible in a micron unit via the touchscreen.

  • Automated Register Conveyor: The vacuum register guide sets automatically according to the sheet width. Sheets are properly aligned to the guide for folding accuracy. Five vacuum chambers adjust automatically for sheet length, and coated or uncoated surface. The vacuum can be adjusted individually based on sheet condition, and the setting can be memorized for easy recall.

  • Touch Panel Display: The 12.1-inch color touch-screen is icon-based for user-friendly operation. Set-up and operation can be done at the touchscreen. Up to 999 job settings can be stored in job memory.

With the Horizon AFV-56S iCE Automated Paper Folder, you're investing in the future of efficient, productive, and automated paper folding. Its advanced features, high-level automation, and easy operation make it an invaluable addition to your business. Experience the new standard in paper folding technology with the AFV-56S today.


Model AFV-56S / TV-56S SERIES
Machine Configuration First Station AFV-566SF, 566SA: 6 Buckles, AFV-564SF, 564SA: 4 Buckles
Second Station TV-566SF, 566SA: 6 Buckles, TV-564SF, 564SA: 4 Buckles
Sheet Size (Width x Length) AFV-56S: Max. 560 × 900 mm or 22.04" x 35.43"
*1,100 mm or 43.310" with optional long table
Min. 128 × 148 mm or 5.04" x 5.83"
*105 mm or 4.14" with optional small size kit
TV-56S: Max. 560 × 560 mm or 22.04" x 22.04"
Min. 50 × 105 mm or 1.97" x 4.14"
*Even if the sheet size is within the specifi cation, it cannot be transported from the fi rst station to the second station depending on the condition such as sheet type, fold pattern, and grain direction of sheet.
Sheet Weight Range Uncoated Paper 40 to 250 gsm
Coated Paper 50 to 232 gsm
Belt Speed 30 to 270 meters per minute or 98 to 885 feet per minute
Production Speed Suction Head 40,000 cycle per hour

Available Options to Extend Capabilities

Name Model Descriptions AFV566SF AFV564SF AFV566SA AFV566SA
Pump P-56V (CE) Pump for CE.
Pump P-56VUL (UL) Pump for UL.
Pump P-56VSH Noise reduction cover is attached. (*-6 dB reduction)
Pump P-56VX Long-life type (Blades are about three times* more durable than P-56V. *Depends on the condition.)
Air Integration Kit AI-56V Power saving type of air compressor. The pump is not required.
Small Size Kit SSK-56V Minimum 105 mm / 4.13" width sheet can be fed. (Standard: 128 mm / 5.04")
Side Air Blower SAB-56V Side blowing assist air for stable feeding.
Extension Table LT-56V Maximum 1,100 mm / 43.3" sheet can be loaded. (Standard: 900 mm / 35.43")
Mark Sensor Kit MS-56V A camera scans the mark on sheets to identify any blank or misloaded sheets.
Mark Camera Kit IMC-56V A camera reads the end mark on sheets to separate the signatures.
Clear File CLF-56V This device controls the feed rotor to prevent sensitive stocks from being scratched.
Interface Unit DIFV-56 Transports the sheets cut from the paper roll to the AFV-56S series. No No
Barcode Reader Kit BR-56DF Reads the data matrix to switch the fold pattern for dynamic folding. No No

Feeder Section

  • SSK-56V Small Size Kit: Allows for feeding minimum 105 mm / 4.13" width sheets. Standard width is 128 mm / 5.04".
  • SAB-56V Side Air Blower: Uses side air for feeding, improving accuracy of sheet separation and pick up. Especially useful for small format and lightweight sheets.
  • LT-56V Extension Table: Expands the feed table and suction head to accommodate sheets up to 1,100 mm / 43.31” length, standard length is 900 mm / 35.43”.

Other Equipment

  • LCVV-56 Long Conveyor: Efficiently delivers any size folded piece, with easily adjusted height and touch panel-controlled running mode.
  • PSX-56 / PSX-56R Press Stacker: Stacks signatures or booklets to a comfortable height for easy packaging. 20 job memory positions for easy recall of repeated jobs.
  • PST-66 / PST-44 / PST-44L Press Stacker: Removes air between sheets and compresses folded pieces with 12,000N / 4,000N pressure for the PST-66 and PST-44/44L respectively.
  • PR-40S Press Roller Unit: Presses the folded sheets to form crisp tight folds, can be used with the standing delivery unit ED-40S.
  • ED-40S Standing Delivery: Vertically stacks tightly folded pieces for easy offloading with an automatic batch kicker.
  • MKU-54T / MKU-38 Mobile Knife Fold Unit: Both units can accommodate a range of sheet widths for different fold types.
  • T-564A / T-566A Buckle Unit: Provides a wide range of fold patterns and features a stand alone color touch screen for intuitive operation.
  • FP-56V / FP-56VP Front Perforation Unit: Accurate perforation before folding, ideal for direct mail and page tear out applications.
  • GFB-56V Gate Fold Buckle: Enables quick setup for precise, accurate closed gate folding.
  • IC-56V-U / IC-56V-L Image Checker: Camera verifies the image on the sheet with the preset image to identify any blank and misloaded sheets.
  • CGU-51 Gluing Unit: Produces 8-page or 12-page glued booklets and direct mail applications.

Optional Blades

  • Slitter Blade (Φ51)
  • Perforation Blade (Φ51) 1.4×0.8
  • Perforation Blade (Φ51) 3.2×0.8
  • Punch Blade (Φ56) 12×5
  • Slit Perforation Blade (Φ52) 10×4
  • Slit Perforation Blade (Φ52) 12×2.4
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