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Standard Horizon

Horizon SPF-200A and FC-200A Bookletmaker

Horizon SPF-200A and FC-200A Bookletmaker

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SPF-200 Series Product Description

SPF-200 Series Bookletmaker | SPF-200A / 200L + FC-200A / 200L

"The automation of the Standard Horizon SPF-200A makes it easy to operate the non-stop production helps us keep up with internal demand. The high-quality booklets surpass expectations and reliability ensures quick turnaround times. Now that we are fully automated, we can pass on lower pricing to our clients where we had to send jobs out for finishing previously." - Christine A. Dyarmett, Summa Health System, Akron, OH

In-line booklet-making system.
The Standard Horizon SPF-200A and FC-200A is a fully-automated combination stitcher/folder and face trimmer is equipped with a user-friendly 10.4” intelligent color touchscreen that provides advanced set-up automation and centralized control. The SPF/FC-200A brings bookletmaking automation and operator ease-of-use to new heights with quick and automated setups that include folder roller gap settings. Precise stepper motors drive end stops, side guides, stitching heads and other systems to the exact location for the sheet size and finish style selected. The SPF/FC-200A features an integrated hand-marry station for increased flexibility, and a built-in error eject tray which allows for non-stop production at speeds up to 4,500 booklets per hour.

The SPF-200 series bookletmaking system features high-productivity, fully-automated changeover and user-friendly operation.

A4 Landscape Booklet Production

The SPF-200L booklet making system provides a wide variety of booklet formats including A4 landscape. This expanded capability provides a wider range of formats, to support the demanding market needs.

Different combinations are available. Please contact one of our specialists to determine what models are ideal for your operation.

  • Booklets up to 96 pages
  • Speeds up to 4,500 booklets/hour
  • 10.4" intelligent color touchscreen
Model SPF-200A SPF-200L
Functions Saddle Stitch, Top Stitch and Fold, Fold only
(Option SSK-200A/200L: Top/Side Stitch, Pass Through, Corner Stitch [Front/Rear], Corner Stitch and Fold)

Sheet Size (Width x Length)

The range of sheet sizes available can be limited when the sheets are fed from the connected machine.

Saddle Stitch, Fold only, Pass Through

Max. 356 x 508 mm/14” x20”

Min. 120 x 180mm/4.725" x 7.090"

Max. 356 x 610 mm/14” x 24”

Min. 120 x 180mm/4.725" x 7.090"

Top/Side Stitch
Max. 356 x 432 mm / 14.000” x 17.000”
Min. 180 x 138 mm / 7.090” x 5.435”
Top Stitch and Fold
Max. 356 x 432 mm / 14.000” x 17.000”
Min. 180 x 180 mm / 7.090” x 7.090”
Corner Stitch, Corner Stitch and Fold
Max. 326 x 364 mm / 12.820” x 14.330”
Min. 210 x 210 mm / 8.270” x 8.270”
Sheet Weight Range Normal Paper: 64 to 157 gsm
Art Coated Paper: 84.9 to 157 gsm
Booklet Size (Width x Length) Top Stitch, Fold Only

Max. 356 x 254 mm /14.000" x 10.000"

Min. 120 x 90 mm /4.725" x 3.545"

Max. 356 x 305 mm /
14.000” x 12.000”

Min. 120 x 90 mm /
4.725” x 3.545”

Top Stitch and Fold
Max. 356 x 216 mm / 14.000" x 8.500"
Min. 180 x 90 mm / 7.090" x 3.545"
Corner Stitch and Fold
Max. 326 x 182 mm / 12.820" x 7.165"
Min. 210 x 105 mm / 8.270" x 4.135"
Stitch Thickness Top/Side Stitch, Corner Stitch and Fold:
Max. 4 mm / 0.155” (About 48 sheets of normal paper 64 gsm)
Fold Thickness Saddle Stitch:
Max. 2 mm / 0.075”(About 24 sheets of normal paper 64 gsm). (About 16 sheets of normal paper 81.4 gsm)
Stitch Distance 73 to 290 mm / 2.875” x 11.400” Adjustable
When saddle stitching, the stitch distance may be limited by the fold knife.
Corner Stitching Position 3 to 15 mm / 0.120" to 0.590" Adjustable
Stitching Wire
  • Standard: 0.5 mm (No.26)
  • Option: 0.45 mm (No.27)

Wire of 0.4 to 0.6 mm diameter can be installed on the standard stitcher.

Production Speed

Max. 4,000 booklets per hour
(A4-Finish, Portrait)

Max. 4,500 booklets per hour
(A5-Finish, Portrait)

Max. 4,000 booklets per hour
(A4-Finish, Portrait)

Max. 3,500 booklets per hour
(A4-Finish, Landscape)

Voltage Frequency
  • Single Phase 200V, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Single Phase 220V, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Single Phase 230V, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Single Phase 240V, 50 / 60 Hz
Fore-Edge Trimming
  • The servo-motor is employed for knife driving to provide high speed and sharp fore-edge trimming
  • The top-bottom transport belt insures smooth booklet transportation and delivery.
  • Trimmings are blown down into the external trim box by air so that no chips are left in the trimming area.
  • Durable casting structure for quality trimming.

  • Either the SC-200 Short Conveyor or the LC-200 Long Conveyor is available.
  • Conveyor belt running time and batch counter can be controlled from the touchscreen.
  • Booklets on the conveyor can be easily delivered by pressing the eject button.

Short Conveyor SC-200
  • Finished booklets are neatly delivered to the exit conveyor.

Long Conveyor SC-200
  • The LC-200 is 64 cm (21.2") longer than the SC-200 Short Conveyor.
  • A large number of booklets can be neatly delivered.

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