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Horizon StitchLiner Mark III Saddlestitch Bookletmaking Machine

Horizon StitchLiner Mark III Saddlestitch Bookletmaking Machine

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Standard Horizon StitchLiner Mark III Product Details: 

The StitchLiner Mark III features expanded booklet size and increased productivity up to 6,000 booklets per hour. The system can produce a wider range of applications, including landscape-size booklets, 12” by 12” calendars, and pocket booklets down to 4.5” by 3.5”. The StitchLiner Mark III offers fully automated setup, including stitching head settings, with no manual adjustments required for book thickness at the trimmer, delivering higher quality booklets with greater efficiency, even for variable stitch length and variable page count booklets.

Combining the efficiency and ease of operation of flat sheet colloating with the productivity, versatility and quality of a saddle-stitching system. The saddle-stitching system combines all processes, from flast sheet collating, scoring, folding, and saddle-stitching through three knife trimming into a single operation. The StitchLiner Mark III provides user-friendly operation, high productivity and versatility for on demand, production print, and trade bindery environments. The StitchLiner Mark III enables you to meet an expanded range of applications, with the highest throughput.

  • Fully automated setup - In addition to booklet format and thickness, all necessary adjustments which includes length and balance are automated
  • Higher Quality Booklet - Professional quality production is achieved with newly designed systems for sheet transport and jogging, scoring and folding, stitch and fold monitoring, and positive jog register at the trimmer
  • Variable Thickness Production - True end to end automation for variable thickness production. Variable stitch length and balance adjustment combined with variable thickness transport adjustment through the trimmer
  • A4 Landscape Stitching - Expanded format size to meet A4 landscape large format calendar production. Higher productivity is achieved on a wider range of formats, including A4 landscape at over 5,000 per hour
  • Compatibility - The StitchLiner Mark III can be integrated with VAC series collator* and HOF-400 high-speed sheet feeder

*System does not have compatibility with the VAC-100a and VAC-60Ha towers. Has to be VAC-1000a or VAC-600H. Middle tower and rear tower can be VAC-100m/c and VAC-60Hm/c. 

Horizon StitchLiner Mark III Technical Specifications

Maximum Sheet Size 356 mm W x 508 mm L
Minimum Sheet Size 140 mm W x 194 mm L
Production Speed 6,000 booklets per hour *
Maximum Stitch Thickness 5 mm

*Additional equipment specifications are available. This machine design and specifications are subject to change without any notice. Please contact our office today for more information at 810.238.7370.

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