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Intec ColorCut FB775 B2+ Digital die cutter

Intec ColorCut FB775 B2+ Digital die cutter

How to Purchase This Item:

ColorCut FB775 Details: Brochure Here

Premium mid-range model designed for precision and efficiency in digital print finishing. This innovative machine is ideal for businesses looking to enhance their packaging, point-of-sale (POS), and labeling capabilities. Pro level digital cutting, creasing, and perforation of any shape up to 1,000 micron. See it in action here

Key Features:

  • Large Format Cutting Table: The B2+ cutting table accommodates larger sheet sizes up to SRA2, and even 2 x SRA3, making it versatile for various large format cutting needs.
  • Advanced Cutting Technology: Equipped with a dual-tool cutting head that delivers up to 1,500gf pressure for creasing and 1,200gf for cutting, the FB775 can handle paper/card up to 1,000 micron/800gsm, softboards, and films, cutting them into any desired shape.
  • High-Speed and Precision: The cutter's advanced high-speed servo motors ensure consistent and productive cutting at speeds up to 1,200mm per second, with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Innovative Job Retrieval System: A QR code job retrieval and registration scanning system automatically opens the associated cut file, ensuring each job is cut with outstanding speed and accuracy.
  • Versatile Media Handling: The machine's vacuum suction media hold down table secures even the smallest of items for precise cutting, making it suitable for a wide range of materials and applications.
  • Enhanced Productivity: The FB775 features a 'Productivity Mode' that allows for continuous cutting of mixed job sheets, automatically locating and adjusting to each new sheet on the table.
  • Integrated Software Solutions: Comes complete with the dedicated ColorCut Pro cutting & creasing software, compatible with Adobe® Illustrator® and CorelDRAW®, enhancing design flexibility and streamlining workflow.
  • Smart Camera System: The Vision3 CCD camera system ensures accurate registration by automatically finding the position of each sheet, enhancing the cutter's efficiency and reducing waste.
  • Compact and Efficient Design: Despite its robust capabilities, the FB775 is designed to use minimal floor space and can be easily integrated into any print finishing environment.

Ideal Applications:

  • Custom packaging and prototypes
  • POS materials
  • Labeling for various products
  • On-demand cutting and creasing of sheet cards

Technical Specifications:

  • Cut area:

    • Format/size: B2+ (2 x SRA3)
    • Maximum media area: 580mm x 800mm
    • Effective contour cutting area: 480mm x 715mm
    • Stand: Included
    • Media hold-down method: 750W vacuum suction
    • Acoustic Muffler / Silencer: Included
  • Cutting control:

    • Cutting carriage: Dual tool cutting carriage, 2 independently operated tool positions
    • Cutting force: Tool 1: Cut - up to 1,200gf (1.2Kg) / Tool 2: Crease up to 1,500gf (1.5Kg)
    • Max cutting depth: Paper/card up to 1000micron/800gsm, Max. depth 1.2mm (low density substrate i.e. rice paper / air board)
    • Max speed: Fast Mode 1,200mm/s, Standard mode 960mm/s, High Definition: 750mm/s
    • Typical cut accuracy: +/- 125u
    • Mountable tools: 3 tools supplied as standard for either tool position: blade holder, creasing tool (double ended), & pen tool for calibration
  • Software: 

    •  ColorCut Pro - Production Studio 5: Windows 10/11 Pro x64 bit, 8GB of RAM. Recommended Resolution: 1280x960 or higher. 1 x USB or 1 x Ethernet. 
      • A standalone application with a plugin that can be installed on remote computers anywhere within the workflow environment, to perform contour cutting of paper card and synthetics. Intec supplies this with all ColorCut models to offer a complete turnkey solution. 
      • For creatives: the application plug in enables artworkers to generate QR coded cut files with associated job numbers, as an integral part of their design, for instant job recognition and file retrieval. 
      • For print finishers: the ColorCut Job Library enables users to retrieve previously prepared cut files into their workflow, without the need to launch Adobe Illustrator or CoreIDRAW. This is typically used in a production environment, remote from the design studio.
  • General

    • Weight: 82kg unpacked
    • Max dimensions: 1150x1100x1010mm

For businesses looking to invest in a future-proof cutting solution that offers both high performance and adaptability, the ColorCut FB775 B2+ is the perfect choice. 

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