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Rapid Blanket Blue Swell (Varn Swell Alternative)

Rapid Blanket Blue Swell (Varn Swell Alternative)

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This item is sold individually in a 3 oz. Bottle

Similar to the now-discontinued Varn Swell, the Rapid Blanket Blue Swell is a fast-acting, topical blanket repair solution. It works quickly by applying directly to the damaged area or low spot of the blanket to restore a proper printing surface for halftones and critical images, thus eliminating expensive downtime.

This product is a great cost-saving solution. Blankets can be expensive to replace, and discarding them prematurely can hurt profits. With the Rapid Blanket Blue Swell, simply apply a small amount to the damaged area of the blanket, and it will puff back up to provide proper printing pressure.

Rapid Blanket Blue Swell (Varn Blue Swell) Printing Blanket Fix

The Blanket Fix is a fantastic cost-saving solution. Use this product to fix damaged blankets. Applying a small droplet is all it takes to swell the blanket back up, allowing you to resume printing without replacing it. Since blankets can be costly consumables, extending their lifespan can result in significant savings.

This product is one of our most popular because our customers love it. It extends the life of press blankets and can make a big difference in maximizing the use of consumables. We take great care to ensure that these items are packaged securely, so they do not break or spill during shipment.

Advantages of Using Varn Blue Swell Blanket Repair

  • Works quickly to eliminate expensive downtime.
  • No waste - Just treat the smashed area only
  • Very economical to use
  • Works on Sheetfed blankets
  • Works on Heatset Web blankets
  • Works on Newsprint Blankets
  • Works on Packaging Blankets
  • Works on Business Form Blankets

How to Use Blue Swell Blanket Smash Repair

To restore a proper printing surface for halftones and critical images, apply Blue Swell directly to the damaged area or low spot of the blanket. Blue Swell is an ideal "touch-and-go" solution for restoring the printing surface of blankets damaged by smashes caused by stock misfeed, hidden markers, short sheets, or incomplete envelopes.

After applying Blue Swell, a press with a blanket smash can resume printing in just a few minutes. Keeping costs low is essential in running a business, and maximizing the use of supplies is an effective way to achieve this goal.

Safety Information HMIS

 Health 2
 Fire 1
 Reactivity 0
 Personal Protection  X
Health D2A
Flammability n/a

HMIS Index

  • 0 = Minimal
  • 1 = Slight
  • 2 = Moderate
  • 3 = Serious
  • 4 = Severe
  • X = See Supervisor
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