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V-120 Blanket Wash [5 Gallons]

V-120 Blanket Wash [5 Gallons]

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Introducing Varn Wash V-120, the industry's finest water-miscible wash, an excellent solution for lithographic offset printing presses. This high-performance blanket & roller wash is a special blend of solvents and cleansers designed to swiftly and thoroughly clean and rejuvenate lithographic blankets as well as rubber, composition, and synthetic rollers.

Varn Wash V-120: The Industry's Finest Water-Miscible Wash

Varn Wash V-120 contains Hydro-Flex, a press-proven combination of modern antioxidants, rubber rejuvenators, and synthetic detergents. These high-tech additives not only cut and remove ink and glaze but also reduce rubber oxidation, therefore extending the lifespan of your rollers and blankets.

The notable strength of Varn Wash V-120 is its water-miscible property. Unlike most blanket washes, V-120 will readily mix with water and won't settle back out, ensuring easy and efficient use. It can sometimes be mixed with water to lessen its strength and extend its longevity. This property makes it the go-to choice for printing presses of all types.

Furthermore, Varn Wash V-120 offers some distinct advantages. It removes ink and water-soluble glaze in one easy application and improves roller ink receptivity, ensuring optimal ink usage. What's more, this wash will not strip rollers and blankets of their natural oils, keeping them in "like new" condition.

V-120 Blanket Wash Technical Specifications:

  • Flash Point: >106°F (41°C)
  • VOC (lbs/gal): 6.86
  • VOC (g/l): 822
  • Vapor Pressure: 2.6 (mmHg@20°C)
  • Cleaning Strength: Strong
  • Drying Speed: Moderate to Fast

V-120 Blanket Wash Directions for Use:

To achieve the best results, let this product reach room temperature before use as cold solvents do not clean as effectively. For blankets, use “as is” or apply to a damp rag and scrub the blanket to water wash and solvent wash at the same time. It can be mixed with 50% water for economy. For rollers, use as a one-step wash with any washup attachment or hand clean with a saturated cloth. For dampeners, use 3 to 5 oz. per gallon of water in the dampener cleaning machine or apply by hand and rinse clean.

Packaging Availability:

  • U.S.A.: 6 x 1 Gallons
  • 5 Gallon Pail, 30 Gallon Drum

Bring greater value to your pressroom with Varn Wash V-120 – the finest water-miscible wash.

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