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Varn SuperLene Fountain Solution [1 Gallon]

Varn SuperLene Fountain Solution [1 Gallon]

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SuperLene Fountain Solution is a universal product for use in printing presses. This solution is added to the water system to give the press ideas ideal performance. If non-image area dries out the plate can begin to pick up ink. Toning is the symptom most commonly experienced when the water system is not working like its supposed to. 

Non-image area must remain wet to prevent ink from being picked up. The lithographic process requires a good ink and water balance and fountain solution is a critical part of keeping the water side of the equation doing its job. SuperLene fountain solution helps to keep large non-printable areas nice and wet even during long press runs. 

Glycerine-Based Fountain Solution. Great for most any offset printing press. Super-Lene desensitizes the nonprint area and keeps it clean without gray backgrounds. Printers can now have big press results over long runs using a wide variety of plates – often without adjusting the fountain solution.

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