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IntoPrint Toners & DrumsIntoPrint Toners & Drums

We carry genuine IntoPrint toner, drums and waste collection bottles. The waste toner bottle's purpose is to remove excess toner from the imaging area of the machine. The excess toner bottle locks into place and has a removable cap for clean and safe handling.

The imaging drum is a very important part of the imaging process, as it is the carrier of the pattern. Drums are photosensitive and take an electric charge where they are exposed to light. This means a light source can effectively draw a picture onto a drum simply by shining onto its surface. A simple comparison would be the way that light exposes a piece of photographic film. From then, the charged drum picks up a pigmented toner and then releases it at a specific time in order to transfer the toner onto a given substrate. Drums are often the determining component of quality. Because a drum is a carrier of the image, the ultimate quality of the printed piece is limited by the drum. Therefore a higher quality drum will output a better looking printed piece than a drum of lower quality or a drum that is worn out.

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