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Horizon VAC Series Envelope Bin Kit

Horizon VAC Series Envelope Bin Kit

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Horizon VAC Series Envelope Bin Kit

If you have a Horizon VAC collating tower and are looking to add envelope insertion capabilities, the Horizon VAC Series Envelope Bin Kit is the perfect solution. This custom product, made by MSL, includes a modified envelope sensor with a new position, two modified guide plates, and a spacing guide block to center the envelope in the bin. These modifications ensure that the envelopes are loaded efficiently and accurately for envelope insertion, opening up new possibilities for your business.

This kit modifies one bin. To enable multiple bins there will need to be one kit acquired for each bin. The installation of the envelope insertion kit is very straightfoward and takes only a few minutes.

Please Note: This kit does NOT include the envelope software required for envelope insertion. You will need to purchase this software separately. Contact your local dealer.

Kit Includes

  • Extended Bin Media Sensor
  • Envelope Offset Block Guide
  • Modified Vertical Transport Guide 1
  • Modified Vertical Transport Guide 2

With the Horizon VAC Series Envelope Bin Kit, you can automatically insert envelopes into a saddlestitched book, increasing your productivity and efficiency. Whether you are a printing company, a marketing agency, or any other business that requires envelope insertion, this kit will enable you to do so with ease.

Enhance Your Horizon VAC Collating Tower

The Horizon VAC Series Envelope Bin Kit is designed to enhance your Horizon VAC collating tower. This kit enables one of the bins to effectively load envelopes for envelope insertion, allowing you to offer special services with your Horizon equipment.

Being able to offer envelope insertion is a great addition to the capabilities in the finishing department. This simple add on can bring a lot of extra work including high margin jobs like envelope printing. Adding this ability can lead to entire new customers or jobs that weren't possible before.

Easy to Install

The Horizon VAC Series Envelope Bin Kit is easy to install and will quickly enhance your productivity. Simply follow the included instructions to modify your collating tower and start using envelopes for envelope insertion.

Each Envelope Kit comes with a set of detailed instructions. This instruction set will guide your technician through installing the hardware envelope insertion kit.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Upgrade your Horizon VAC collating tower with the Horizon VAC Series Envelope Bin Kit and take your business to the next level. With envelope insertion capabilities, you can offer new and exciting services to your clients, boosting your revenue and enhancing your reputation.

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