Baumfolder Century Fold/Insert Solution

Baumfolder Century Fold/Insert Solution

How to Purchase This Item:

Need a unit to fold your product coming off your copier or print engine? This solution can help you streamline your print to fold operation. To keep up with your ever demanding schedules. 

Folders are an integral part of a complete high-speed electronic printing solution in todays busy printing and shipping industries. Do you need continuous, non-stop folding for documents printed on blank or pre-printed forms? Do have have requirements to print packing lists, invoices, and personalized targeted marketing material and then get it folded to insert into a container/box? This unit can be put in line with a copier or print engine to fold your product fast and efficiently to speed up your output times.

  • Increase packaging document accuracy
  • Reduce the amount of pack stations needed
  • Eliminate manual packing labor and manually folded pack sheets
  • Reduce system downtime and chance of erros
  • Improve efficiency with insertion rates of 20 - 30 boxes per minute*

*Insertion rates vary based upon print engine

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