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Baumfolder K20B Knife Folder

Baumfolder K20B Knife Folder

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K20B Details: 

The BAUM K20B Knife Folder is a unique folding solution for bulky folds that a buckler folder can’t produce. The K20B is great for double gatefolding, newspapers inserts, or instruction sheets, such as those with multiple languages requiring many pages.

  • Floor-model buckle folders
  • Table top folders
  • Bookletmakers
  • Saddlestitchers
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Independent mobile unit with heavy duty casters
  • Independent drive
  • 1.75" diameter combination urethane/steel fold rolls
  • Reversible belt allows choice of left hand or right hand delivery
  • Knife can operatre from top down or bottom up
  • Synchronized maintenance free drive with sealed ball bearings
  • Can fold signature sizes from 4.72" x 3.94" up to 20.47" x 14.17"

Technical Specifications: 

Maximum Signature Size 20.47" x 14.17"
Minimum Signature Size 4.72" x 3.94"
Maximum Product Final Thickness 0.23" to 0.31"
Folding Speed 1969-5905 ipm (50-150 m/min)
Infeed Hieght 20.27" to 36"
Motor Output 0.6 hp (0.45 kw)
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