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Martin Yale Industries

Count AccuCreaser Air - High-Performance Creasing and Perforating Machine

Count AccuCreaser Air - High-Performance Creasing and Perforating Machine

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Product Details:

The COUNTâ„¢ AccuCreaser Air sets the standard for top-tier creasing and perforating, featuring CAM actuated compression creasing, rotary perf/score capabilities, and up to four micro-perfs simultaneously. This equipment offers automated setups for various crease types, including perfect bind configurations. With a vacuum paper feed system and built-in register guide, the AccuCreaser Air ensures precise alignment for every sheet.

Key Features:

  • Designed for high-volume creasing and perforating
  • Vacuum-feed mechanism with integral register guide
  • Compatible with Count KF-200
  • Rotary perf/score functions with micro perf capability
  • User-friendly touchscreen controls
  • Transparent top lid for visibility and easy access
  • Automatic setup options for common folds like Half, Tri-Fold, Letter Fold, Roll Fold, Gate Fold, Double Gate Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Perfect Bind (No Hinge, Single Hinge, Double Hinge)
  • Count AccuCreaser Air Technical Specifications
Model AccuCreaser Air
Paper Feed Vacuum
Made In USA
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