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Martin Yale Industries

Count KF-250 Knife Folder

Count KF-250 Knife Folder

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COUNT KF-250 Knife Folder

For professionals in need of a dependable solution to handle heavier stock paper, the COUNT KF-250 Knife Folder emerges as the premier choice. Particularly suitable for those already using creasing machines or multi-directional slitter/cutter/creasers, the KF-250 is purpose-built for tasks where standard buckle folders falter. It promises a flawless fold without the drawbacks of cracking or bending for stocks up to 350 gsm.

One of its standout features is the ability to maintain the paper feed alignment consistently, courtesy of its fixed, factory-set registry guide. The KF-250 also showcases a bottom vacuum paper feed, combined with an intuitive touch screen control, ensuring a smooth operational experience. A variable-speed output conveyor, equipped with a unique proximity sensor, guarantees an uncluttered exit tray.

Key Features:

  • The industry's first stand-alone automatic knife folder.
  • Optimized for weightier paper stocks, with a range up to 350 gsm.
  • Bottom vacuum-feed system, complemented by an integral register guide.
  • An excellent addition to a slitter/cutter/creaser setup.
  • Transparent top lid, allowing for both visibility and effortless internal access.
  • Touch screen interface for simplified setup and machine control.
  • Automatic Setup for Popular Folds:
    • Bi-Fold
    • Tri-Fold
    • Z-Fold
    • Letter Fold
    • Gate Fold
    • Double Parallel Fold
    • Customizable fold options catering to diverse requirements.

Technical Specifications:

Model KF-250 Knife Folder
Paper Feed Vacuum
Weight 315 lbs (143 kg)
Maximum Speed 4,300 sheets/hour
Paper Weight Range 120-350 gsm
Dimensions 65" L x 28" W x 47" H
Maximum Sheet Size 33" L x 13" W
Minimum Sheet Size 5.5" L x 5" W
Electrical 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz
Made In USA
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