Drylam Fujipla LPE3510 / 13" Desktop Laminator

Drylam Fujipla LPE3510 / 13" Desktop Laminator

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LPE3510 Product Details: 

Whether you need a 13" or 25" laminator, the Fujipla line of desktop laminators offered by Drylam is the choice for you. Fujipla is world renown for both the quality of its laminators and its laminating film. 

Fujipla laminators have been specifically designed to eliminate the problems and confusion of operation. Parting of the pressure rollers enables the operator to easily thread the laminator, avoid flat spots during extended down time and free the film from the rollers in the event of a wrap-around. Fast warm-up time about 5 to 10 minutes ensures less waiting time. 

The Fujipla LPE3510 / 13" Desktop Laminator is the perfect for smaller laminating projects; light weight, compact size; adjustable heat and tension controls. 

  • Perfect for smaller laminating projects
  • Light weight
  • Compact size
  • Updated design featuring digital controls
  • Easy to read display
  • Adjustable speed, heat and tension controls
  • Mobile
  • Dimensions are 21.7" W x 15.4" D x 15.6" H
  • Laminates 1.5 mil and 3.0 mil film on a 1" core
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty

Technical Specifications: 

Model LPE3510 LPE6510
Description Fujipla 13" Desktop Laminator Fujipla 25" Desktop Laminator
Max. Laminating Width 13" 25"
Max. Film Thickness 3.0 mil
Lamination Speed 4 ft/min. 3 ft/min.
Temperature Control Range Adjustable 194°F ~ 300°F
Power Source 120V AC, 60Hz
Power Consumption 800W 1400W
Net Weight 50 lbs 62 lbs
Warm Up Time (approx) 3 minutes 5 minutes
Heating Method Heat Shoe Heat Shoe
Roller Separation Lever Yes
Reverse Switch Yes
Core (Mandrel) 1 inch
Warranty One Year
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