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Drylam SAP38GLOSS ALM Roll Gloss 1.5 MIL 12.6" x 984' (CASE)

Drylam SAP38GLOSS ALM Roll Gloss 1.5 MIL 12.6" x 984' (CASE)

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Drylam ALM3222 ALM Roll Gloss 1.5 MIL 12.6" x 984' - Case of 2 Rolls

Unrivaled Glossy Finish by Drylam

Presenting the pinnacle of the industry - the Drylam's ASAP line of laminate. Crafted to provide a radiant glossy finish to your documents, this laminate is not just about looks; it's about exceptional bonding prowess. Super-Lam films, especially in the glossy segment, have been meticulously designed to bond even with the notoriously tricky toner-based digital prints.

The Digital Print Challenge

With the rise of On Demand Digital Printing, toner-based print engines, with their fuser oils and glycol additives, pose a unique challenge. These additives form a slippery surface that conventional co-polymer films struggle to grip. Super-Lam's innovative ASAP adhesive layer is tailor-made to effortlessly bond with these elusive toner surfaces.

Why Choose ASAP Film?

The acronym ASAP aptly stands for "Always Sticks, All Prints". This means whether you're dealing with a challenging toner surface or a standard offset print, ASAP has it covered. The adaptability is vast, ranging from 210 to 270 degrees, but users generally find the sweet spot around 240 degrees F. The digital printing realm is diverse, with various print engines throwing up their unique challenges. While many laminating films falter, struggling to be consistent across the board, Super-Lam with its ASAP adhesive excels across ALL digital toner-based prints and traditional offset prints. The secret sauce? The wide operational temperature range of Super-Lam. This allows users to pinpoint the perfect temperature-speed combination, ensuring unparalleled adhesion. To top it off, akin to the esteemed Trade-Lam films from DryLam, SuperLam boasts of a higher polyester base film thickness, guaranteeing enhanced clarity, rigidity, and a profound depth in the finished lamination.

Important: Use exclusively with the ALM3222 machine.

Key Product Features:

  • Product Code: SAP38GLOSS
  • Finish: Gloss
  • ASAP Film: The promise of universal adhesion.
  • Superb Clarity: Crystal clear visuals every time.
  • Outstanding Strength: Built to last.
  • Stress and Crack Resistance: Keeps your document in pristine condition.
  • Wide Flexibility and Chemical Resistance: Adaptable and resilient.
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