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Rena EASYInk Aqueous HiPerformance ASINKHPAQP

Rena EASYInk Aqueous HiPerformance ASINKHPAQP

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Introducing Rena EASYInk Aqueous HiPerformance, the top-tier solution for your printing needs. This high-performance aqueous ink is designed to deliver exceptional results, ensuring vibrant colors and sharp details on a variety of media types. With EASYInk Aqueous HiPerformance, you can achieve professional-quality prints with ease. Say goodbye to smudges and fading - this ink is formulated for long-lasting results that will impress every time you print. Elevate your printing experience with Rena EASYInk Aqueous HiPerformance and enjoy reliable, high-quality output for all your printing projects.

Inkjet cartridges exclusively for the AS-450AS-650, and AS-850.  

These inks are not compatible with other models.

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