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Eco 1630 Safety Interlock Tool

Eco 1630 Safety Interlock Tool

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Ensure the safety and functionality of your Eco 1630 platemaker with our specialized tool designed for testing the door safety interlock. This tool mimics the door's closing action, providing a reliable means to ascertain if the safety mechanisms are performing as intended. Crafted using 3D printing technology, this tool promises precision and durability.


  • Eco Series:
    • Eco 1630
    • Eco 1630 II
    • Eco 1630 III
    • Eco 1630 IIIr
    • Eco 1630 IIIrZ
  • Other Variants: PRESSTEK DPM PRO 400


To test the operation of the door safety interlock, use this tool to simulate the door closing. It helps in verifying the effective functioning of the safety mechanisms.

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