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Formax FD-6104 Folder & Inserter with Advanced Entry-Level Automation

Formax FD-6104 Folder & Inserter with Advanced Entry-Level Automation

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FD-6104 Product Description:

The Formax FD-6104 Inserter brings cutting-edge technology to entry-level tabletop inserters, enabling businesses of all sizes to benefit from automated folding and inserting. This affordable solution eliminates the need for large mail volumes to justify automation costs.

Key Features:

  • User-Friendly Interface: 5” full-color touchscreen with wizard-based software for easy setup and operation.
  • Versatile Feeding: Two automatic sheet feeders and one insert/BRE feeder for various folding and inserting tasks.
  • High Speed: Processes up to 1,350 envelopes per hour, enhancing productivity.
  • Programmable Jobs: Store up to 15 jobs for quick, one-touch operation.
  • Document Integrity: Double document detection ensures accurate envelope content.
  • Optional Fold-only C-Fold Kit: Ideal for producing C-folded documents without envelope insertion.
  • Energy-Saving Mode: Automatically switches to standby after 1 hour of inactivity.

Additional Features:

  • Clamshell Design: Easy access for maintenance and operation.
  • Easy Load Feeders: Top loading with adjustable side guides for convenience.
  • Fold Types: Supports various fold types for versatile applications.
  • Accumulate Before Folding: Ensures documents are folded and inserted together.
  • Resettable Counter: Provides accurate processing count for tracking efficiency.
  • ECO Mode: Energy-saving feature reduces power consumption during idle periods.
  • Catch Tray: Adjustable tray holds up to 100 envelopes, accommodating different sizes.
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