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Heat Seal

Heat Seal Energy Cradle Mount 725/700ES

Heat Seal Energy Cradle Mount 725/700ES

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Heat Seal Energy Cradle Mount 725/700ES
On Demand Seal Plate Significantly Reduces Energy Consumption

Now NSF Certified!

Heat Seal's stretch film over wrappers are great for quickly packaging fresh and other food wrap applications. Stretch wrap film is tightly pulled over the product and heat sealed to the bottom of the package for leak resistant packages. Overwrapping is used to extend shelf life, keep perishables fresh, provide a visual of the product, reduce packaging cost, group products together, provide easily opened packages, and tamper evidence. 

The New Energy Smart® Wrapper proven to significantly reduce energy costs by 80%. The Photo Eye Energy Smart machines are an on-demand hand wrap machine, which the seal plate only consumes energy when you need to seal a package. This unit is actuated when you place a product on the seal plate, the photo eye sees the product and actuates the seal cycle.

The New Film Cradle Mount saves labor, film changeover is fast and easy with new design, and no initial setup or assembly. Easy to use and operate.

Key Features:

  • New Feature - Square Edged, Hot Rods Cuts Film with Ease
  • Easy to Clean
  • No Creases to Harbor Crumbs and Juices
  • All Wrapping Surfaces are Stainless Steel
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Protect Both the Product and Consumer*
  • NSF Certification Ensures that Products Meet Strict Standards for Public Health Protection**
  • Cradle Mount for Film Saves Labor
  • Fixed Distance Photo Eye Detects all Tray Colors
  • Two Color LED Light Indicates Yellow when Seal Plate is Heating and Red when Seal Plate Reaches Sealing Temperature
  • Circuit Breakers have Replaced Fuses for Fast, Easy Reset, and Low Maintenance
  • On-Demand Microprocessor Controlled Seal Plate Significantly Reduces Power Consumption by 80%
  • Rigid Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction
  • Supplied with a Replaceable Non-Stock Cover to Maintain a Hygienic Sealing Surface

*To increase hygienic capabilities, replace the non-stick covers regularly
**About NSF/NSF.ORG 2020 All Rights Reserved

Technical Specifications: 

Model 700ES-C
Film Mount Cradle System
Film Capacity 20" Maximum Roll Width, 8" Maximum Roll Diameter
Seal Plate 6" x 15"
Overall Dimensions 24.75" D, 23" W, 9" H
Power Requirements 115 Volts, 60 Hz, 132 Watts
Comparable To 600A
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