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Standard Horizon

Horizon AF-566T4F Paper Folder

Horizon AF-566T4F Paper Folder

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Automated set-ups ensure user-friendly operation and consistent folding. Comfortable folding operation. High performance, space efficient automated cross-knife folding machines - The Horizon AF-566T4F Paper Folder features advanced automation with user-friendliness and high quality folding.

The Standard Horizon AF-566T4F Buckle-buckle Folder is a fully automated six + four-buckle folder that accepts sheets up to 21.9” x 34”. The AF-566T4F has the “intelligent automation” that is built into all Horizon post-press products, best illustrated by the intuitive, icon-based, 10.4” color touchscreen that displays all common fold formats and sheet sizes for easy selection. Precise stepper motors drive end stops and fold plates to the exact location for the sheet size and fold style selected. Up to 200 custom jobs can be stored in memory for easy recall, with automated make-ready in as little as 14 seconds.

The AF-566T4F is equipped with 6 buckles on the first station and 4 on the second station–which can be added straight or at a right angle–for maximum application flexibility. This folder has been designed to serve the graphic arts and digital print markets, with ultra-quick changeovers and specially-formulated combination roller and scoring systems that handle sensitive digitally-imaged sheets without marking.

Horizon AF-566T4F Paper Folder Features

  • Easy Operation - The 10.4 inch color touch screen is icon based for user friendly and intuitive operation. More than 17 fold patterns can be set up through the touch screen.
  • High Productivity - Maximize production speed up to 36,000 folds/min (A4), 37,500 folds/min (8.5" x 11").
  • Quality Fold - Superior and consistent fold quality is ensured with accurate and durable machine construction.
  • Automatic Setup - Fully automated set up for quick and accurate change over. Even roller gap setting are fully automated.
  • Flexibility - System can be used both in-line with simple changeover. Just slide away the DIF-56 conveyor and the system can be used with the normal pile feeder.

Horizon AF-566T4F Paper Folder Specifications

  • Up to 42,000 Sheets/hr.
  • Sheet Sizes from 5.04" x 5.83" to 21.97" x 34.0"
  • 6 Fold Plates
  • Optional 4 Buckle 2nd Unit
  • Automated Setup
  • Color LCD Touchscreen
  • Superior Folding Quality
  • High Speed Feeder

Horizon AF-566T4F Paper Folder Extended Specifications

Model AFC-566A
Machine Structure 6KTT
(6 Buckles+Fold Knife+2 Buckles Below Knife)

Sheet Size (WxL)

Max. 558 x 850 mm / 21.965” x 33.460”
[1,100(L) mm / 43.310” with optional extension table]

Min. 128 x 148 mm / 5.040” x 5.830”
[Side Lay Guide Minimum Set Position : 74(W) mm / 3.0”]

Sheet Weight Range 35 to 220 gsm
Buckle Fold Length

1st / 2nd / 3rd / 5th Buckle : 30 to 450 mm / 1.2” to 17.7
4th / 6th Buckle : 30 to 360 mm / 1.2” to 14.1”

Belt Speed 30 to 230 m (98 to 754 ft) / min.
[Knife Fold : 180 m (590 ft) / min.]
Voltage Frequency 3-Phase 200 / 220 / 400 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Machine Dimensions Main Body W3,050 x D1,050 x H1,580 mm
W120.1” x D41.4” x H62.3”
Conveyor W1,320 x D600 x H1,130 mm / W52.0” x D23.7” x H44.5”
*Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Horizon AF-566T4F Paper Folder Optional Accessories

Round Pile Feeder Unit RFU-54 The RFU-54 can be attached or detached without removing the standard flat pile feed table, making it quick and easy to interrupt long runs for short-run jobs. An error feed tray is equipped for continuous feeding operation.
Gluing Unit CGU-50 The gluing unit can produce 8-page or 12-page glued booklets.
Front Perforation Unit This unit Permits perforating before folding. An accurate blade drum provides for high-precision micro perforation. Optional skip perforation (FSP-56) is available.
Strip Trim Device AF-ST5 Strip trimming after the parallel fold section can be performed using slitters for multiple-up jobs. Stripped width can be adjusted (3mm to 10mm at 1mm intervals).
Strip & Edge Trim Device CGU-T56F Cetner strip trim and edge trim are available under the cross knife. Segmented rollers allows flexible adjustment of the cutting positions. (CGU-T56 is available for AFC-566A/564A).
Gate Fold Buckle GFB-56 The gate fold buckle can be setup quickly, with no special skill for precise, accurate closed gate folding.
Blades A wide variety of optional blades are available for various applications.
Press Stacker PST-40 The first rollers remove the air and the second rollers powerfully compress the signatures for reduced bulk and tighter folds. Signatures can be offset separated individually or by group, depending on job requirements.
Mobile Knife Fold Unit MKU-54 The MKU-54 is available as the second knife unit for a 2nd cross fold. The knife unit can pivot 180° function to allow fold-up or fold-down flexibility.
Mobile Knife Fold Unit MKU-54T The MKU-54T is mobile knife unit equipped with the buckles below knife. It is capable of the letter fold after 8-page cross fold
Press Stacker with Pile High Delivery psx-56/56R Stacked signatures or booklets are delivered to a comfortable height for easy packaging. Applications can be stacked 1-up, 2-up or 3-up for efficient production. Rigid, large diamter rolls apply 1.2 tons of pressure for crisp, tight and flat folds.
Standing Delivery Unit ED-40 Increased efficiency for sheet counting and packing. Clean stacked sheets for easy handling. Batch kicking function allows accurate counting and packaging.
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