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Horizon AFV-56 Paper Folder + TV-56

Horizon AFV-56 Paper Folder + TV-56

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Horizon AFV-56 Paper Folder + TV-56

The Horizon AFV-56 Paper Folder boasts advanced automation capabilities, significantly reducing setup time and ensuring precise folding quality for efficient production. Its unique buckle plates and folding mechanisms, designed for optimal accuracy and durability, further enhance its high-quality productivity.

The AFV series is the most automated line-up of paper folders on the market. Other competitors have attempted to incorporate automation into their traditional equipment, but Horizon has uniquely designed their products with automation as a top priority. With features like single gap sets and smart panel adjustments, productivity levels are elevated to new heights.

Sign up for a demonstration of the Horizon AFV-56 Paper Folder to fully comprehend the effectiveness of its automation capabilities. Paper folding can be challenging for inexperienced users to configure and operate, but the Horizon AFV-56 makes it as simple as using a smartphone app. Operators input basic dimensions and select the desired folding pattern, and the machine will automatically adjust all guides and settings to suit the new job.

  • Automatic set-up
  • Advanced automation
  • High quality and productivity
  • Flexible
  • Suction head
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