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Standard Horizon

Horizon Computer-Aided Binding System CABS6000

Horizon Computer-Aided Binding System CABS6000

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Horizon Computer-Aided Binding System CABS6000

The innovative Standard Horizon CABS6000 perfect binding system is bringing new levels of automation to production bookbinding. The system includes the MG-600 Gatherer, SB-17 seventeen-clamp Perfect Binder, and HT-110 Three-Knife Trimmer. This in-line system can produce up to 6,000 books/hour. Each component is equipped with an icon-based 10.4" color touchscreen that enables end-to-end automated setup in ten minutes or less, and the ability to memorize 200 jobs for instant recall. Up to six MG-600 Gatherers can be placed in-line for a total of 36 stations, feeding up to 64-page signatures ranging from 5.83" x 4.14" to 15.15" x 10.8".

Other features include an in-line stacker for standalone gathering, and advanced quality control features such as CCD cameras, thickness detection, and weight checking. The SB-17 Perfect Binder allows for quick changeover from EVA to PUR adhesive with interchangeable tanks and book thicknesses from .08" to 2".

The SB-17 Perfect Binder allows for quick changeover from EVA to PUR adhesive with interchangeable tanks and book thicknesses from .08” to 2”. Other features include CCD cameras on the cover feeder, ability to load covers on-the-fly, twin milling stations, automated in-line cover scoring, gauze feeding for hard cover book blocks, weight checking system and a digital caliper that measures book size and thickness and transfers settings to the binder for automated setup. The HT-110 Three-knife Trimmer produces trimmed books from 5.71”x4.05” to 14.4”x11.81”.

The CABS 6000 is equipped with quick-change EVA and PUR glue tanks that slide out on rails to a wheeled trolley. Operators can easily changeover from one binding style to another in about 5 minutes.

This flexibility lets printers serve more market segments and meet varying customer application requirements.

CABS 6000 Product Details

  • High productivity at 6,000 books/hour with in-line system from gathering to trimming.
  • Covers from short run to long run production challenges thanks to intuitive easy operation through the touch panel and fast, highly accurate change overs.
  • Equipped with interchangeable tank unit that allows both EVA and PUR hot melt to be used.
  • Various book sizes can be bound in-line, from minimum size A6 to maximum size B4.
  • Off-line signature gathering is possible using the ST-600 stacker. Also, by installing the RU-600 misfeed unit the gatherer can operate non-stop.
  • Quality control image checking cameras, thickness detector, weight checker, book block length detector,and other optional quality control features.
  • The Horizon JDF network system (pXnet) can also be added, for further increase in efficiency and effectiveness of the binding process.
  • High Productivity at 6,000 Books/Hour
  • Inline System from Gathering to Trimming
  • Covers from Short-Run to Long-Run Production Challenges
  • Touch Panel and Fast, Highly Accurate Changeovers
  • Equipped with Interchangeable Tank Unit that Allows EVA or PUR Hot Melt
  • Various Book Sizes Can be Bound In-Line, Min. Size AL to Max. Size B4
  • Off-Line Signature Gathering is Possible Using ST-600 Stacker
  • Quality Control Image Checking Cameras
  • Thickness Detector
  • Weight Checker
  • Book Block Length Detector

Technical Specifications:

System Gatherer MG-600
Model Description Remarks
EU-600 Extra Connecting Unit EU-600 is needed between MG-600 and SB-17 when the weight checker is installed.
IC-MG60D Image Checker Image checking cameras check the image of each signature to prevent incorrect loading.
TD-600 Bookblock Thickness Detector TD-600 detects the thickness of gathered signatures installed on HF-600
St-600 On/Off-Line Stacker MG-600 is possible as stand alone
RU-600 Bookblock Rejecting Unit Incorrect signatures are rejected for non-stop operation
HF-600 Hand Feed Unit for MG-600H HF-600 allows an operator to hand feed additional signatures or sheets
DC-600 Docking Conveyor Unit DC-600 is connecting unit between MG-600 and SB-17
CU-600 Connecting Unit CU-600 is needed when using MG-600 with RU-600 as off-line, but posiible to expand to SB-17 on-line
CST-600 Docking Conveyor Unit CST-600 is docking unit for MG-600 and ST-600 off-line

System Binder SB-17
Model Description Remarks
R-17 Connecting Belt Unit Connectiong unit between MG-600 and SB-17
AP-15 Air Pump for Insert Section An air pump for book block insertion section SB-17
PM-70 Pre-melt Tank Pre-melt automatic feeding tank for EVA (70 liters)
TM-17 Side Glue Supply Unit Automatic side glue supply unit
SI-17 Book/Cover Sheet Size Input Interface SI-17 measures the book block and cover sizes, and sends the data to SB-17
RU-17 Book Rejecting Unit RU-17 rejects a faulty book detected on WD-17
WD-17 Weight Checking Unit WD-17 checks weight of each book
TC-17 By-Pass Conveyor When not using WD-17, TC-17 is needed for by-passing
SC-17 Stack Conveyor When not using HT-110, SC-17 is needed as delivery unit
RC-15 Delivery Roller Conveyor Unit Delivery roller conveyor unit for SC-17
VS-17 Smoke Extractor Unit Smoke extractor for SB-17
MU-17EVA Melt Tank Unit for PUR glue (Open Drum) (Drum Rollers Application) MU-17 EVA is used for EVA glue application
MU-17PUR PUR Melt Tank Unit (Nozzle Application Style) MU-17PUR is used for PUR glue application (open drum)
NU-17PUR PUR Melt Tank Unit (Nozzle Application Style) NU-17PUR is used for Nozzle style PUR glue application
GF-17 Gauze Feeder Unit GF-17 is the unit which cuts the gauze to the appropriate length
PH-17 Pre-Tank Heater PH-17 is used to heat up the EVA unit MU-17EVA for short-make-ready of glue tank change

Connecting Delivery Section
Model Description Remarks
SS-110 Stack Stream Unit Bound books are transported into the stream stack orienter (SS-110) to accumulate a predetermined number of books (up to 100 mm) for trimming in HT-110
KB-09 Bridge Bridge over delivery section
KB-17 Bridge Bridge over delivery section. This is needed when MG-600, SB-17, and HT-110 are connected
/ Cooling Conveyor Various configurations are arranged depending on space requirements
CCG-100 Guide for Curve Conveyor The guide for adjusting psoition of delivered book on the cooling conveyor

Three-Knife Trimmer HT-110
Model Description Remarks
HC-110 Hand Feed Conveyor HC-110 is needed to feed books when HT-110 is used as stand alone. HC-110 is 1.3 m length conveyor and its speed can
be adjusted in three phases
HCG-100 Hand Feed Guide Set Guide set for delivered books, installed at the entrance section of HT-110 on the cooling coveyor
/ Cutting Table & Clamper Plate Cutting table and clamper plate for each size
CV-101 Delivery Roller Conveyor CV-101 is 1 m length of Roller conveyor for delivery section HT-110
CVA-100 Delivery Extension Conveyor CVA-100 extension conveyor which can be extended from 1.5 m to 3.8 m
SSP-101 Automatic Silicon Spraying System SSP-101 sprays Silicon to Top-Bottom knives to inhibit glue from sticking to the knives while trimming
TB-100 Trimming Waste Extractor Unit TB-100 uses air blowering for the trimming waste
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