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GF-500 Gauze Feeder

GF-500 Gauze Feeder

How to Purchase This Item:

Expand your bookbinding capabilities and elevate the strength of your creations with the Horizon GF-500 Gauze Feeder, an essential upgrade for Horizon BQ-500 Perfect BinderĀ users want to add the gauzing capability to their machine. Gauze reinforces the book spine to create a much more durable book. This is usually used when doing case binding.

Why Choose the Horizon GF-500 Gauze Feeder?

  • Fully Automated Gauze Binding: Customize your gauze width and length based on the book block information from the binder. Plus, enjoy automated set-ups even for variable thickness jobs on-the-fly.
  • Easy Gauze Roll Replacement: Benefit from straightforward gauze roll replacement with the optional MCT-GF500 dolly. No special expertise required for roll replacement!
  • Seamless Operation: Switch between gauze application and regular soft cover book production effortlessly from the touchscreen. There's no need to remove the GF-500 from the binder.
  • Auto De-Curl and Gauze Alignment Control: Get consistent results with the automatic de-curl function which adjusts according to the gauze roll's diameter. The force of de-curling can also be adjusted automatically. Additionally, the innovative gauze alignment control system ensures the precision of gauze application.

Remember, gauze isn't just an accessory, it's an integral part of bookbinding. It not only solidifies the bond of the book block but also assists in securing the end sheets to the book block for case binding. If you're considering the GF-500 for case binding, don't forget to explore the Horizon ESF-1000 End Sheet Feeder as a valuable add-on.

Book Spine Construction

Horizon GF-500 Options

Mobile Cart MCT-GF500 Dolly for gauze roll replacement (One dolly is included in the accessories of the GF-500).
Fork for Lifter F-500GF An attachment for the lifter L-470 that holds the roll firmly in position for easy and safe gauze roll replacement. (*Note: requires L-470)

Upgrade to the Horizon GF-500 Gauze Feeder and take a step towards perfection in bookbinding. Your books deserve it.

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