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Intec ColorCut FB780-T B2+ Digital Die Flatbed Cutter and Tangential Creaser

Intec ColorCut FB780-T B2+ Digital Die Flatbed Cutter and Tangential Creaser

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Product Description for the ColorCut FB780-T Flatbed Cutter

Mid-State Litho is proud to offer the Intec ColorCut FB780-T (brochure here), a state-of-the-art digital flatbed cutter that sets new standards in the printing and packaging industry. Designed for precision and efficiency, the FB780-T is perfect for on-demand packaging, prototype production, and medium to light production runs. It is also exceptionally well-suited for creating high-quality sheet labels. The world's first dual tool tangential flatbed due cutter which includes a passive contour/drag cut knife and active tangential creasing wheel, providing 66% more creasing power so a wider spectrum of materials can be finished, including B2 folders & larger sheets, opening up new possibilities for cutting.

Key Features:

  • Dual Tool Head: Equipped with a 1kg passive contour blade and a 2.5kg active tangential wheel creaser, allowing simultaneous cutting and creasing operations.
  • High-Speed Performance: Achieves speeds up to 1,200mm per second, enhancing productivity without sacrificing quality.
  • Advanced Servo Motors: Ensures unparalleled accuracy and smooth operation, ideal for complex and detailed designs.
  • Versatile Media Handling: Cuts through materials up to 1,000 microns/800gsm, including paper, card, softboards, and films. It can handle up to one SRA2 sheet or two SRA3 sheets at a time.
  • Smart Technology: Features QR coded auto job recognition and a CCD video camera that follows vector cut/crease lines from Adobe® Illustrator® & CorelDRAW®.
  • Vacuum Suction Table: Secures even the smallest items for precise cuts and creases.
  • Effective Cutting Area: Offers a substantial 480mm x 660mm cutting area.
  • ColorCut Pro Software: Comes with dedicated cutting and creasing software, enhancing workflow efficiency with plugins for Adobe® Illustrator® and CorelDRAW®.

Technical Specifications: 

  • Cut Area:

    • Format/size: B2+ (2 x SRA3)
    • Maximum media area: 580mm x 800mm 
    • Effective contour cutting area: 480mm x 660mm
    • Stand: Included
    • Media hold-down method: 750W vacuum suction
    • Acoustic Muffler/Silencer: Included
  • Cutting Control: 

    • Cutting carriage: Dual tool cutting carriage, 2 independently operated tool positions
    • Cutting force: Tool 1: Cut up to 1,000gf (1Kg)
    • Crease force: Tool 2: Crease up to 2,500gf (2.5 Kg)
    • Max cutting depth: Paper/card up to 800 micron, Max. depth 1,000 micron (low density subtreate i.e. rice paper / soft board.
    • Max speed: Fast Mode 1,200mm/s. Standard Mode: 960mm/s. High Definition: 750mm/s. 
    • Typical cut accuracy: +/- 125 u
    • Mountable tools:
      • Tool position 1: Tangential wheel creasing tool, supplied with 0.28 (narrow wheel).
        • Optional wheels available: Medium (0.55) & Wide (0.95).
      • Tool position 2: Contour (drag) blade holder, & pen tool for calibration.
  • Software connectivity:

    •  ColorCut Pro - Production Studio 5: Windows 10/11 Pro x64 bit, 8GB of RAM. Recommended Resolution: 1280x960 or higher. 1 x USB or 1 x Ethernet. 
      • A standalone application with a plugin that can be installed on remote computers anywhere within the workflow environment, to perform contour cutting of paper card and synthetics. Intec supplies this with all ColorCut models to offer a complete turnkey solution. 
      • For creatives: the application plug in enables artworkers to generate QR coded cut files with associated job numbers, as an integral part of their design, for instant job recognition and file retrieval. 
      • For print finishers: the ColorCut Job Library enables users to retrieve previously prepared cut files into their workflow, without the need to launch Adobe Illustrator or CoreIDRAW. This is typically used in a production environment, remote from the design studio.
  • Registration control:

    • Registration system: Advanced 9th generation ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark System), uses hi-res Vision 3 CCD camera system to read QR codes for instant job retrieval, also accurately reads registration marks, corrects linear, scale, skew and rotational/angular positional differences adapting the cut file as required. 
  • General:

    • Weight: 84.4kg unpacked (vacuum fan: 24.2kg). 170kg packed including fan.
    • Max dimensions
      • Table (unpacked): L 915 x W 1065 x H 1105mm 
      • Fan: L 320 x W 615 x H 410mm 
      • Crated: L 1532 x W 1147 x H 605mm (includes vacuum fan)

Superior Service and Support:

At Mid-State Litho, we understand that purchasing a cutting system is a significant investment. That's why we back up our sales with exemplary service and support. Our team of trained technicians are always ready to provide technical assistance, from setup and training to maintenance and troubleshooting. We help you leverage the full potential of the FB780-T and aim to resolve any issues promptly.

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