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1800S Automatic Air Feed Folder

1800S Automatic Air Feed Folder

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The1800S Paper Folder is Perfect For Digital Work

Meet the new champion in the realm of paper folding - the 1800S Paper Folder. With its exceptional ability to facilitate digital work, this model outshines its predecessor, the 1500S. MBM's 1800S Desktop Folder isn't just a machine; it's a time-saver. The perfect blend of technology and efficiency, it's designed to streamline your paper folding tasks and enhance your productivity.

At the heart of the 1800S Air Feed Folder is the revolutionary ultrasonic double feed sensor. No longer will you face the challenges with black or transparent sheets that were a headache with the 1500S. This new model promises reliable detection of double feeds, no matter whether your sheets are white, black, printed, transparent, or a mix of colors. The 1800S is intelligent in every aspect of its design, including an adjustable folding roller pressure and a spring-loaded feed angle adjustment dial for ultimate control.

Maintenance has never been more straightforward with a removable folding roller. And for those who crave seamless operations, the top cover of our Paper Folder opens and closes in just two steps, granting unhindered access to the air adjustment knob. To top it off, our improved model incorporates a "silver top" metal sheet for smoother paper runs and superior electric conductivity.

Key Features of the 1800S Paper Folder

  • Top feed, adjustable air suction feed system: Suitable for digitally printed and coated stocks.
  • Pre-programmed with 6 standard folds: Ideal for a range of folding requirements.
  • Memory storage: Ability to store up to 30 custom folds. Includes one-touch memory keys for ease of use.
  • Control Panel: LED 4-digit counter with batch and total functions, alongside a test button to fold 2 sheets for inspection.
  • Automatic conveyor belt and self-setting exit rollers: For smooth ejection of folded paper.
  • Alert system: Display alert and audible signal in case of incorrect operation.
  • All-metal construction: Offering sturdy durability.
  • Optional micro-perforator and scorer: For added flexibility.

MBM 1800S Paper Folder Specifications

  • Sheet Capacity: 800 (may vary due to variations in paper and power supply).
  • Paper Size: 4 1/2" x 8 1/4" to 13" x 19".
  • Paper Weight: 16 to 80 lbs (may vary due to variations in paper and power supply).
  • Speed: Up to 18,000 sheets per hour (may vary due to variations in paper and power supply).
  • Electrical Requirements: 120 V, 60 Hz.
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 24" x 49" x 23".
  • Shipping Weight: 189 lbs.

So, are you ready to step up your paper folding game? If you're in pursuit of a machine that delivers perfect folded paper each time, consider the 1800S Paper Folder. Let this cutting-edge desktop folder take your efficiency to new heights!

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