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AeroDieCut Platen Die Cutter

AeroDieCut Platen Die Cutter

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The MBM AeroDieCut Platen Die Cutter is a state-of-the-art platen die cutter tailored for professionals in the graphic arts and printing industry. With a seamless blend of modern technology and traditional mechanics, this machine brings efficient die cutting to the forefront of your operations, without compromising on versatility. It can safely use existing traditional platen dies so there is no need to have expensive steel dies made. Cut, crease, perforate, and emboss in a single pass!

MBM AeroDieCut Machine Features

  • 4.3” colored touch screen: A vibrant interface that enhances usability.
  • 100 jobs storage capacity: Save up to 100 tasks in memory for swift operations.
  • Patented upper belt Tri-suction feeding: Ensures consistent and smooth paper input.
  • Side blow & skew adjustment: Precision alignments every time.
  • Ultrasonic double-feed detection: Eliminate the chances of errors.
  • Cut mark registration: Perfect cuts based on your custom specifications.
  • 3.9” feed tray stacking capacity: Accommodate larger jobs effortlessly.
  • Multi-up ability: Process up to 5 times per sheet for optimal productivity.

The revolutionary AeroDieCut leverages traditional platen dies, which are not only advanced in technology but also cost-effective, ensuring a top-notch finish. It's a reliable, safe, and compact solution for those who desire personalized and timely finished printed materials, be it unique cards or custom boxes. While traditional die cutters were bulky, hazardous, and demanded skilled operators, the AeroDieCut emphasizes user safety and is easily operable by individuals of all skill levels. Don't let your print quality be the only standout feature – with the AeroDieCut, you can bring your creative visions to life with intricate cuts, folds, and perforations.

Optional Accessories

Enhance your AeroDieCut experience with optional add-ons:

  • Separator: Efficiently diverts waste into bins post die-cutting.
  • Conveyor delivery table: Streamlines the collection process.
  • Stainless steel & aluminum cutting plate sets: Ensure longevity and precision in every cut.

MBM AeroDieCut Technical Details

Max speed 1,000 sheets/hour*
Max. paper size 14.3” x 20.25”
Max. finishing size 12.2 x 19”
Paper weight 120 - 400 gsm*
Die board size 13.75” x 21.65”
Die board thickness .7”
Cutting rule height .91” - .93”
Power supply 100 - 120 V, 50/60 Hz*
Dimensions 106” x 42” x 43”
Weight 903 lbs.

*Values may vary based on paper quality and power supply variations.

Every purchase also includes a die board rack, ensuring you have everything you need to start creating masterpieces with the MBM AeroDieCut Platen Die Cutter.

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