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Perfecta 80 TS Premium Line Paper Cutter

Perfecta 80 TS Premium Line Paper Cutter

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Perfecta 80 TS High Speed Paper Cutter Product Details: 

The Perfecta 80 TS acts as a high-speed cutter with gear-driven capabilities for both digital and traditional workflows. Offering graphic supported programming and an easy-to-use touch screen (18.5"), this cutter has a robust design that is perfect for complex cutting tasks. It can cut paper, plastic, board, and other sheeted materials with precision, thanks to its digital servo-drive positioning system. The cutting table and side tables feature an air bed and rust-proof stainless steel table top. Additional features include a seamless cutting table, a built-in knife hoist for quick and safe knife changes, and adjustable clamp pressure that can be easily set through the touch screen. The cutter is also equipped with CIP3/4 functionality, a self-monitoring safety system, infrared light guards, a two-hand cut release, and complete rear table guarding.

  • Powerful gear drive for the knife
  • Digital servo drive positioning system for the backgauge
  • Hydraulic clamp
  • Stainless steel plated and slot-less cutting table
  • Cutting table and side tables with air bed
  • TS computer with 18.5" high resolution color touch screen
  • CIP3 / CIP4 enabled
  • LED table light and cut line indicator
  • Built-in knife hoist with setting gauges and knife guard
  • Self-monitoring safety light barrier
  • Two-hand cut control
  • Complete rear table guarding
  • Overload protection device

Technical Specifications: 

Optional Equipment
  • Enlarged air side tables
  • Carbide blades
  • Lift kit for taller working height
  • Smart clamp (limited clamping stroke)
  • Low pressure device (for corrugated and pressure sensitive material)
  • Barcode scanner
  • S2C package (Straight To Cut), with barcode scanner and CIP3/4 network connectivity
Cutting Table Width 31.5"
Height of Cutting Table 34.25"
Minimal Residual Cut 0.7"
Minimal Residual Cut with Cover Plate 2.24"
Maximum Stake 4.72"
Usable Back Table Length 36.22"
Knife Cycle Rate 50 cuts / minute
Return Speed of the Saddle 12" / second
Main Drive Power

4.02 hp (3 kW)

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